▷ How to sell online with your company? ▷ 7 GOLD tips

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▷ How to sell online with your company? ▷ 7 GOLD tips

I know, I know. I love e-commerce and digital El Salvador Phone Number List. And if you reached this article, it is because you want to know how to sell online with your company, but you need a little push.
In this digital age it is not easy to start and understand how to sell online, there are so many options, possibilities, information and even suppliers that any business can end up dizzy.That is why I prepared this article, with a series of tips, so that you can learn how to sell online, avoiding some typical mistakes or taking your first steps in the best possible way.
Table of contents [ Show ]How to sell online with your company? 7 golden tips
The digital world is moving faster and faster and many companies have understood something. While physical businesses are not going away, customers now want more options when buying their favorite productsAnd among those options is being able to buy online. For this reason, below I will show you some things that you have to keep in mind.Tip # 1 – Analyze having an online store
how to sell online 1
Online Store , courtesy of ShutterStock
If the question about how to sell online has been around your head several times, it is likely that what caused you doubts was whether or not you had to have an online store.My advice is yes. That you think about this possibility.

From my point of view it has several benefits , such asYou will worry that the photographs and descriptions are optimal to motivate customers to buy.
You will have a new sales channel, parallel to others (And perhaps in the future one that is the main one)
Your customers will be able to see your products, without having to go to your physical store.
You will be able to have statistics and analyze the behavior of your customers.



You can take advantage of new ways of advertising, such as using remarketing on social networks and other media.Tip # 2 – Choose your online marketing agency well.how to sell online 2
Marketing agency ,  gulf email list courtesy of ShutterStock
Unfortunately many believe that an online marketing agency is an agency that only manages social networks or makes a website and nothing else.Big mistake !!!
Having a good online marketing agency when selling online is key, because they could create a whole functional ecosystem around the business.his means that they could offer you:

Web design or your online store.
Make your online store self-managing (Using platforms such as WordPress, Prestashop and others)
Creation of mobile applications.
The management of the company’s online positioning.
Social media management service.
Designs and advertising arts in general.
In summary, choose well when selling online a marketing agency that will accompany you and advise you throughout the process.A clear example … a good agency that wants to help you will surely recommend that you have an online store or are in a marketplace, instead of filling your head with the idea that you only have to be in a social network.The best of all is that thanks to the digital world, today it is not necessary for that agency to be in your own city or country !!!Tip # 3 – Take into account participating in a marketplace
how to sell online If you were thinking about how to sell online and you don’t have resources, you still have interesting options. These options will allow you to capitalize, until you can invest in other channels such as having your online storeAlthough my advice is that if it works, keep that channel anyway.
For example, you could start selling your products on a Marketplace. Previously I talked about TuMercadazo.com , my e-commerce platform in Bolivia that does just this.

Helps companies in Bolivia to sell their products online. We take care of everything and companies only publish and upload their products.
Keep this in mind, because a good marketplace, plus an online store, could be an explosive combination.
Tip # 4 – Think about how to sell and what to sell on
how to sell online 4
Thinking , courtesy of ShutterStock
Something that I always explain to my clients is that there is a big difference between how to sell online and what you want to sell.
Right now I will explain this.
How to sell online?
It is simple. Counting on the correct channels to do it.
For this it is important to understand that we have to try to activate all those channels that are directly focused on promoting and encouraging the purchase of products and services online.
am concerned about the number of companies that invest large budgets in social media management agencies, not really generating enough sales to pay for the service itself. Actually, many of these companies should ALREADY be selling online, either through an online store or a marketplace.

In summary. It is not about BEING on the internet, but HOW TO SELL ON THE INTERNET.Which brings us to the next questionWhat to sell online?
It does not matter if it is a product or service, you have to analyze the issue of what to sell online, since you have to consider many factors.For example, if you sell a product you have to think, for example, that some products will require some care, have a good logistics system so that it arrives in a timely manner, that the product is something that can be shipped and other factors. On the other hand, if it is a service, if you want it to be paid before, you have to understand that we will sell something, that the client will not know its “quality” if they use it, or it may be software on the one hand or a consulting on the other … and they are two different worlds.In short, not everything can be seen online and sometimes you have to see what and how you can do it.

Tip # 5 – Make it easy for your customers
how to sell online 5
Stress computer , courtesy of ShutterStock
It is not easy to create an internet business or plan everything about how to sell online. It is not the same to set everything up on your own, than to use even some third-party services.
But whatever you do, try to keep it easy and straightforward for the customer.
It is likely that when you start selling online you will have to use third-party services to:
Make collections online (or at points of payment or on delivery)
Require logistics storage services .
Perform the delivery logistics service.
Others.What matters is that you do it 100% with your business or that you use certain providers, make sure that everything works correctly and that the end customer.But the simplicity does not lie only in the process, but also in the design of the platform you use (be it your own store or a marketplace), in how the information is distributed and much more.Remember this.The process may be easy for you, you have seen it thousands of times, but if the customer does not understand it or it becomes complicated, they will surely not want to buy online.

Tip # 6 – Prepare a good marketing budget
how to sell online 6
Quote , courtesy of ShutterStock
It also happened to me to think thousands of times how to sell online. I remember creating ideas, sketches, mockups and even processes for my e-commerce platform in Bolivia hundreds of times in my mind .
But you know something?
Even the best virtual store, website or e-commerce platform, without traffic, is nothing.
And this is what many forget when it comes to selling online.
Without traffic… there is no paradise.
Tip # 7 – Surround yourself with professionals
how to sell online 7
Professionals , courtesy of ShutterStock
Setting up your own online business (or even joining an e-commerce platform) always requires people who are controlling everything.What’s more, there are many challenges that you will have to overcome, regardless of the country or region in which you are.This tip is simpleurround yourself with professionals.
It is impossible to try to know, do and master everything. So if you are thinking about how to sell online, try to surround yourself and work with professionals who really help you grow your business.

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