【TIPS】 How to be more sociable? 🡺 Tips and techniques

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【TIPS】 How to be more sociable? 🡺 Tips and techniques

Do you want to know how to be more sociable? Do you think there is no way to achieve it? Don’t worry, many people believe that this is a gift that some are born with. But the reality is that it is a skill you can develop.Next I want to teach you some tips on how to be more sociable and incidentally leave you some exercises so you can practiceIt does not matter if you work in marketing, advertising, in a bank or even as a security guard, knowing how to be more sociable will open more doors than you imagine.
Let’s get started.
Table of contents [ Show ]# 1 – CONGRUENCE
How to be more sociable? The first step is for you to have CONGRUENCE.
By this I mean that the outer image is the same as the inner image.
Did you see the movie “Unexpected Miracles” starring Tom Hanks? In case you don’t remember her, it shows a large, dark-skinned character that just seeing it inspires fear. However, the inner character is totally incongruous with the image that it reflects on the outside. On the inside he is a caring and caring person, on the outside he truly inspires terror.
This is a clear example of “incongruity.”

Never forget that you communicate more with your image than with words (hence the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”) and showing a lack of congruence reduces or affects the degree of communication we want to achieve.That is why it is important that you remember that one of the keys on how to be more sociable has to do with being fully congruent, but especially with the image you want to project. # 2 – MAGNETIC PERSONALITY
All human beings have what is called their personality, and different behaviors arise from this personality depending on the situation in which they find themselves.
t is not the same how you behave with your group of friends, than in a work or Vietnam Phone Number List meeting.
It is important that on the way and search on how to be more sociable, you can develop a magnetic personality.
I highly recommend reading my article on 12 secrets of highly sympathetic people , but if you want a summary, you can see below the video that I have prepared about it.

Would you rather see the video of the 11 secrets to be a good leader and 10 to not be? Then you can do it through my YouTube channel or below.# 3 – GENERATE INTEREST
Do you want to know how to be more sociable? Learn to generate interest in yourself.
How do you generate interest? Simple. Being interesting.
This is where you will have to do more work. But if you already have a congruent image and a magnetic personality, then you are halfway there.
How can you be more interesting?
To be interesting you need several key points, but particularly to understand the environment in which you are at a certain moment and what things that environment considers.
For example, if you are in a business or work meeting, it may not be interesting at all to tell about your crazy teenagers, the parties you participated in, or parachuting a month ago. Instead, that environment and group may consider interesting topics about business, investment or even labor trends.



The mistake that many people make is that they fail to generate adequate interest because either they have nothing interesting to tell in that environment, or because what they say is not interesting for that environment.
Added to this, by engaging in NOT interesting gulf email list  conversations, you will be generating an incongruity at that time. Something that clearly affects what I told you in the first point.
One of the key elements on how to be more sociable has to do with shyness and shame.
Moreover, many times shame has to do with that fear of “what will they say” or “what will they think of me”
The only way to break this is to… cheer up.
Many times it happens that we are afraid to express ourselves or communicate simply by making a mistake and being rejected. Even many times the body will play against us, in a situation of shame our face turns red (and it has happened to me many times) or that our legs begin to shake.
While this seems like something that cannot be controlled, it really is possible to achieve it if we begin to practice and increasingly try to lose our shyness and embarrassment.
How to lose the shame?
Check out this story that happened to me:
Years ago, on a Sunday and after sleeping only 3 hours for work, I had a birthday at the house of a friend who was turning 30 years old. At the party I was from the family to friends of my friend that I had never seen in my life. Suddenly my friend’s girlfriend had no better idea than to ask me to perform some magic trick (At that time I was studying magic at the School of Adrian Guerra, a magician from Argentina).

What happened
Tired as I was and forced because I had already been exposed to the situation, I started doing some card tricks. Suddenly one of the people at the party asked me if it bothered me to film me (At that moment my stress was through the roof). However, everything turned out excellent, the audience was quite good and luckily I did not fail any of the 4 or 5 tricks that I did for a few minutes.
In short, I felt comfortable, somewhat tired and nervous. But at another time in my life, my face would have surely been RED (not red, RED) and my hands would have trembled like a musician who plays the maracas.
Why didn’t anything go wrong for me?
One of the keys in magic is practicing tricks all the time, handling the elements or the deck of cards. Even practicing exposing yourself to an audience, be it friends, colleagues or family. So much time of practice, ended up generating that despite all the conditions playing against me, things have gone well.
With this example I want to show you how important it is to start exposing yourself to being, speaking and interacting in public and thus lose your shyness and shame.

You will never know when your “Big Moment” will be and even if the conditions are not in your favor, everything will go well.
Incidentally, along with practice comes another benefit. Increase your confidence and your self-esteem (What we think others think of us) in this way we are always ready for any situation.
How to be more sociable?
Speaking well. And when I refer to speaking well, it means that you have to take care of many aspects of the way you communicate, such as:

Modulate correctly, so it doesn’t look like you have a hot potato in your mouth
Have a large vocabulary, so you don’t speak like Tarzan.
Learn to project your voice. A good tip is that if you are in a classroom, the person in the front row should be a good listener, and the 80-year-old grandma sitting in the back, too.
Communicate with feelings. You must learn that when it comes to expressing yourself, you do it by projecting the correct energy. Not too euphoric to make you look crazy, not too calm and for people to get bored within 2 minutes of listening to you.
In short, you must learn a lot about how to express yourself, modulate, publicize and speak correctly.
Body language – how to be more sociable
Body Languaje, courtesy of ShutterStock
Look at the image that accompanies this tips on how to be more sociable.
I have decided to use these dolls to avoid even that a face can generate some confusion.
From your point of view, which of the two is angry? Which one is giving an explanation to the other?
You see it? That is body communication. And most important of all, almost 80% of what we communicate
Because until you put into practice and are encouraged to lose shyness, shame and be more sociable, there is nothing you can do.
Why should you go out and practice how to be more sociable?
On the one hand, because as you practice, you will learn to create your behaviors or roles according to different situations. In this way, it is as if you were in a play, where you assimilate and use a character according to the situation, making with each play, the fear of being sociable easier.
On the other hand, because like everything in this life, when you create that habit, you will be able to see the results. You will see how it becomes easier and easier and most importantly, how your life will change.

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