10 creative and mind-blowing double page ads

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10 creative and mind-blowing double page ads

Creativity is something wonderful and today I bring you a clear example of this through 10 advertisements in print media but with the particularity that they are double page. What does this mean? Very simple, that instead of using only one page of a magazine or media, they use both sides.
Many people say that print  Benin Phone Number List advertising is dying, but the truth is that with some creativity, this is not true, but rather the opposite.The high saturation of advertising in the media ends up generating positive effects since brands learn that only with good creativity, they will be able to achieve customer attention. That’s where these great double page ads are born.

That is why I leave you a great phrase from Albert Einstein about it:quote_center] In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge.
A double page ad was used to generate the effect of using a computer and simulating how thin it was.In this double-page ad with a 3D effect, the aim was to attract attention by showing a bubble gum balloon that opened before the reader’s eyes.
DHL INTERNATIONALThe DHL company used a double-page advertisement and included a transparent page that when turned aside created the effect of a person from the company, delivering the package from hand to hand.As always, the Greenpeace company amazes us with its great campaigns, in this case with a double page ad that shows the effect of cutting down trees.
Two-page Greenpeace ad LINKSUS, Beijing, China Ad two pages Greenpeace 2 LINKSUS, Beijing, China



In this double page advertisement for the Hawaiian Tropic company, both pages were metallized and were used for tanning. Great campaign under the message “Enjoy the sun” (Enjoy the sun) NHA XINH FURNITURE  gulf email list Great double page ad that also uses the same formula for the 3D effect that we saw in the Arcor campaign, but to show furniture, an area in which the brand operates.
Under the message “Don´t wast your sperm” (Do not waste your sperm) the Reproductive Medicine company communicates with this great double page ad.An excellent way of communicating a double-page ad and at the same time generating an interesting effect that was made by Seat, where you could take the magazine with your hands, like a steering wheel in your car.With the message “SulAmerica prevents you from doing the same with your company’s resources” and showing how when opening the cover of Exame magazine a bill was split in half, this brand used the technique of the double-page advertisement in an excellent way.
Finally a classic of the classics on the subject of showing a double page ad and I think one of the examples that I saw the most everywhere. Wonderbra and its advertisement with the effect of lifting the breasts. A clear, direct and obviously creative message.


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