10 creative billboards and what you can learn from them

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10 creative billboards and what you can learn from them

must confess, I love billboards, but not all, but those creative billboards that really make you stop to see them. And that is the idea when we advertise, that we do something that really catches people’s attention.
For that reason I was looking for several creative billboards on the internet, to find those that serve as an example to explain some tips when using this advertising medium.Let’s remember the following, a billboard usually has 4 seconds to communicate something, that is how long the attention of a person who is in a passing vehicle would last.10 creative billboards and what you can learn from themCLICK TO TWEET
So making creative billboards Netherlands Phone Number List  is an excellent way to take advantage of those seconds, to make our message clear or even attract the attention of potential clients.So let’s look at the 10 creative billboards I selected and what we can learn from them.1. GO OUT OF THE TYPICAL
A good way to do a creative billboard is to get totally out of the ordinary. That the fence is rectangular or square does not mean that our design and idea have to be too. In the example below it is clearly seen how a toothpaste for stronger teeth is promoted, applying this idea
Another great way to make creative billboards that is really eye-catching is to take advantage of the product itself (or the simulation of it) so that it interacts in some way with the billboard. For example, we could create a fence where a bottle serves a giant glass or as in the example below, the adhesive tape itself supports the fence (or it seems that it does)

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Creative billboards for all tastes 13 – mclanfranconAdvertising often tends to be too explanatory and does not allow the person to analyze the message themselves.  gulf email list To make creative billboards we can say things, without having to say them. The effect will be the same or more powerful than using words.Creative billboards for all tastes 12 – mclanfranconDoing something really creative and extreme can really have powerful effects when it comes to making creative billboards. A clear example is this interactive fence from Ikea which I already talked about previously on the blog. I recommend you see the link to see more images of it.Creative billboards for all tastes 8 – mclanfranconiWhy not make a fence with food? Many creative billboards are made with food or even with a company’s own products, such is the case of Mr Kipling and his billboard made with cake details.Creative billboards for all tastes 7 – mclanfranconiThere are many creative billboards out there, but your creativity can be further exploited if we can make the billboard itself become the message. A clear example is this billboard promoting the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where the earth undergoes a series of aggressive climatic changesWhat do you think of this fence made with chalk? Really very striking and even with a unique style.

Making creative billboards does not mean that we should always stick with prints or perhaps put objects on it. With a small detail such as making it by hand, it is enoughCreative billboards for all tastes 4 – mclanfranconiAnother great way to make creative billboards is by interacting with the environment. This takes a bit of Street Marketing and applies it to the world of billboards. One example that I love is the Panasonic nose epilator.Creative billboards for all tastes 3 – mclanfranconi
Who said that a billboard should only take advantage of the printing space? We can create creative billboards using even the billboard support as in the Craftsman example. Interesting, right?Creative billboards for all tastes 10reative billboards do not always have to be on city streets and on typical metal supports, you can also take advantage of atypical places, such as this fence at the entrance of a tunnel promoting a food court with the message “ All you can eat”

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