10 days to Black Friday: 11 last minute actions to sell more on this date πŸƒ

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10 days to Black Friday: 11 last minute actions to sell more on this date πŸƒ

It’s almost day ! One of the main dates for e-commerce , happens on November 23 and the expectation is that it will generate great profits for the sector. And you … have you already prepared your actions on Black Friday?If you structured your campaign for this date , defined the offers , and prevented security problems , it is time to implement some last minute actions that can guarantee more sales on Black Friday.
And, if you haven’t already, take advantage of next week. This is the last chance!
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Not everyone who sees an ad for the first time makes the purchase.
However, advertising again to someone who has already shown interest can make those people remember your offer.You can do remarketing both for those who visited a certain page and also for those who placed a product in the cart, but have not finished the purchase yet.On Black Friday, this technique has a special appeal, because you can publicize the products that people are interested in with a great discount, attracting their interest.Reading tip to know moreRemarketing in Google Ads: how to create campaigns and lists to generate more conversions. Boost your offersTake advantage of the next two weeks to boost your offers through ads on Instagram and Facebook .Diversify your repertoire and use different ad formats, entering them in the news feed, in the right sidebar of Facebook or on Instagram for example.
But don’t put off doing this until Black Friday! As many people advertise on the date, the competition is high and the cost per click (CPC) becomes more expensive.
tips to know more:Create an event on FacebookCreate an event in the style of save the date on Facebook and publicize it on the Fanpage so that your followers can confirm their presence. Thus, they will be notified when the offers begin.

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Through the page, you can also send other notifications to encourage yourΒ  gulf email list potential buyers. Take the opportunity to show the products that will be on sale on Black Friday.
Update the covers of your pages on social networks
This is a good time to change the cover and profile photos on your social networks with striking art.
Take advantage of Facebook resources, for example, to insert videos in the cover image and attract the attention of your followers. All of these are also great actions on Black Friday.
Reading tip to know more:Set the date as an item in the website menu
Enter a Black Friday link in your website menu. This should lead to a page that contains all the offers of the date.This is a good way to publicize Black Friday, since everyone who visits your site will know that you are going to participate in the promotions.. Make some offers with Black Friday price now
We talked at the beginning of the post that it is almost Black Friday. However, in some online stores, the date has actually started.Those e-commerce extend the date for the entire month of November, calling it Black Month or Black November and disclosing the discounted offers in advance.. Give customers the option to give a favorite to the productsOne of the actions on Black Friday that can be very interesting for your e-commerce customers is to allow them to create a list of favorite products.The action works as a kind of alert. Once the price of the product drops, the customer is notified by email.
Some large e-commerce companies even have this option available through their own application.
In case your virtual store does not have an application, you can give that alternative to the customer within the site or create segmented Landing Pages for different product categories.. Send an email campaign with pre offersIf you are going to open Black Friday purchases only on November 23, you can send an email next week with your most attractive offers so that people know in advance and schedule.RD Station has some customizable Email Marketing templates for Black Friday. One of them is the following:

Email Marketing Checklist: what you should check before sending a promotional email
Segmentation: how to generate better results by sending less emails
Checklist: Email Marketing Campaigns
9. Schedule your Email Marketing campaigns for Black Friday
Produce your email texts and schedule them now. It is interesting to use strong and striking colors, as Black Friday strategiesIn addition, another strategic point of Black Friday are the schedules. Evaluate which one is more interesting. It can be midnight, Thursday through Friday; on Thursday night; early Friday morning.
Reading tip to know more about the subject:
Email Marketing Guide in Practice10. Place an exit pop-up on your site
Exit pop-ups (or exit intent pop-ups ) are only triggered when the visitor moves the mouse outside the navigation area of ​​the pag
They are perfect for making an unmissable offer, which does not let the user leave empty-handed.
Black Friday, therefore, is an excellent opportunity for you to install an exit pop-up on your site. Offer a good discount that your visitor will certainly click Publish and promote your Black Friday Landing Page
If you haven’t already created a Black Friday Landing Page in advance, do it right now.
That’s a great way to create urgency and draw attention to your offers.
RD Station offers a special and customizable Landing Page template for Black Friday. Get to know him in the image below:Black Friday is coming and we hope these quick tips will help your company sell more on this date, which is one of the most lucrative for e-commerce.
Put those Black Friday strategies into practice and share in the comments what your results were!

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