10 most popular shopping trends among Spaniards according to eBay

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10 most popular shopping trends among Spaniards according to eBay

The e-commerce sector is constantly evolving and eBay, the largest global online buying and selling platform, with more than 2 million active users in Spain, is the perfect barometer to identify online shopping trends in 2013, and tell what and how much Spaniards buy onlineIn the first place is the category ” Mobile phones and telephony “, with a purchase of a jordan phone number phone every two and a half minutes. The iPhone leads the ranking of terminal sales, since a free Apple mobile device is acquired every hour. In the same way, every minute five covers, housings and other accessories for mobile phones are acquired. These figures confirm that Spaniards like to acquire the latest mobile devices over the Internet, and that they like to personalize their phones with specific accessories.The silver medal goes to the category ” Computing and tablets “, which registers two items purchased every minute. Every day 100 laptops or netbooks are purchased, and 88 eBooks or tablets.
Hobby and leisure trends reveal that the “ Home, Garden and DIY ” category is the most popular, with one item purchased every minute.In fourth place is the category ” Cars, Motorcycles and Parts “, in which 1,629 products are purchased every day: from cars, motorcycles, caravans and trailers, to accessories and spare parts for boats and airplanes. Toys ” is another very popular category on eBay, with a toy being purchased every minute. The Playmobil and Airgamboys are, without a doubt, with a purchase of an item of these brands every three minutes.


Every minute an item of ” Clothes, Shoes and Accessories ” is sold on eBay.es. Shoes are the most popular item: nine pairs of shoes are bought every hour on eBay.es, of which more than half, surprisingly, are men’s shoes. The most popular accessory is sunglasses, and five units are purchased every hour. gulf email list  Spaniards spend a considerable budget to buy items in the category ” Consoles and Videogames ” and seven consoles are purchased every hour. The Xbox 360 model leads the sales ranking, with five consoles purchased each day, followed by the PS3, with three units a day, and the Nintendo DS and Wii devices, with two and one unit sold each day, respectively.
The passion for exercise in Spain can also be seen in the consumption of articles from the ” Sports ” category , with almost half a million items sold per year. The king of sports is cycling, with more than 17 items sold every hour. Next in sales are products related to camping (seven a day), aerobics (six a day), soccer (four a day) and fishing (three a day).
The position number nine corresponds to the category ” Watches and Jewels “, with an article bought to the minute. Costume jewelery (bracelets, necklaces, earrings or bracelets) are the most popular items, with 18 pieces purchased every hour, followed by wristwatches: 16 watches are purchased every hour.
The last place is occupied by the category ” Beauty and Well-being “. Six hand and nail care products are purchased every half hour, and a cosmetic and makeup product every ten minutes, followed by health care products (girdles, tensiometers or natural therapies): one of the latter is purchased items every hour.
FUN FACTSIn the “Sports” category, three soccer jerseys, 158 bicycle accessories and four camping lanterns are bought each day.With regard to purchases in “Beauty and health”, every hour three sets of manicure, two makeup kits, two pigtails (extensions) and a box of condoms are bought.

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