10 Social Media Trends that you should not ignore before the arrival of summer

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10 Social Media Trends that you should not ignore before the arrival of summer

This change of season also implies a time of balance, analysis and preparation for what is to come. Thus, it is convenient to take into account the trends that lie ahead, in order to get the most out of them. In the area of ​​digital honduras telephone numbers this is what will take place this coming summer 2014, according to SocialMediaToday:Brand content. Brands are beginning to realize that, to reach the heart of their target audience, they cannot overwhelm them with their sales pitch. On the contrary, they need to add value, differentiate themselves from the competition and, ultimately, leave their mark. Something that is not achieved through offers and promotions.Better mobile optimization . Mobile devices have been integrated into our daily lives to the point that the computer has been relegated to a corner of the house. Both to search for information and to consume all kinds of content, including audiovisual content, and even to buy, users turn to mobile devices. For this reason, companies need to improve the mobile user experience, and develop an integrated strategy throughout the entire purchase cycle.Native advertising. A useful alternative to combat the invisibility of traditional advertising formats. The long history of Internet users leads them to ignore advertising impacts, forcing brands to look for alternatives that do not interrupt their browsing experience, while respecting their space. Despite continuing to be advertisements, they take the form of content, integrated with the rest of the information, and try to add a useful bonus.Came. Microvideos delight users. It is a format with infinite possibilities from the creative point of view, which allows for very viral micro-productions. Never 6 seconds gave so much play. Vine has found its big movers on Twitter and Tumblr. Every second, 5 tweets include a link to a Vine video.The video on Instagram. Audiovisual content is the king of the internet, while Instagram is the kingdom of the image. A format taken from Vine, which extended its length to 15 seconds. The mobile application for photos has managed to conquer the younger audience, and become the ideal setting for brands, which allows them to reach their target audience using an attractive language that stimulates engagement.



Social searches. Social networks are consolidated as a source of information for users, who turn to them in search of information related to their interests, gulf email list  in order to know the opinion of their peers. Not even Google has wanted to stay out of this trend, and for months it included results from Google+ within the search engine. For its part, Facebook is working hard to make Open Graph truly useful and overshadow traditional searches. The power of recommendations is imposed on the information of the brands.
The hashtags. That label that took on a renewed meaning thanks to the internet continues to be useful for setting trends and classifying information. The already emblematic trending topics jumped from the platform of 140 characters to invade the television screen, and consolidate as an indication of success. The great platforms succumbed to his power. On Instagram it is the axis that marks activity and trends, Google+ has long included it on its pages and even Facebook tries to make sense of it on its profiles.
Establish synergies and collaborate with influencers. The Internet is an inherently collaborative medium. Its development has been partly thanks to this spirit of joining forces and sharing knowledge. A philosophy that is perfectly reflected in Social Media, where the ease of interacting has been taken to the maximum expression. This practice is not reserved only for ordinary users, but is also applicable, and on the other hand recommended, to brands. It has always been said that unity is strength, and the main beneficiary is the target audience.Play with the location. Users, armed with their mobile devices, demand information here and now. Google estimates that more than 80% of consumers perform local searches. Hence the need to orient the strategy to your needs, as a mandatory step for conversion. Foursquare has just been renewed, in order to gain utility, and stay in the minds of its increasingly inert users, thus being able to cope with the recent release of nearby by Facebook.
Emerging technologies. Weareables are looking forward to being part of our everyday lives. They have already made their first approaches, in the form of watches or bracelets, but the best is yet to come. From smart clothes, to flexible screens or the coveted Glass? We will soon see a new revolution in mobile devices, which should make us think mobile and smart.

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