10 Technological and digital trends for 2014

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10 Technological and digital trends for 2014

Like every year, Hotwire experts examine the concepts, trends and applications that according to our predictions will make communication evolve. Last year we highlighted the rise of big data, digital health and social business. This year, the trend has more to do with digital maturity, rather than the emergence of new technologiesFor anyone linked to the world of communication, 2014 will be a year in which privacy will have to be incorporated into services, artificial intelligence will replace human advisors, digital artisans will play a leading role  telephone kenya and companies will be able to provide service to each customer, individually, thanks to the adoption of the principles of ‘social business’. However, there are many trends that continue to emerge and position themselves for this 2014.The growth of niche networks : Networks such as Strava for cyclists, StyledOn for fashionistas, Jelly for knowledge exchange or Current for the business world have emerged. This implies that managing social media for clients will have to examine relevant industry-specific networks, plus, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN.Information by and for the moment : The famous Oreo Tweet during the Superbowl has been a milestone in the history of Social Media but in 2014, the immediate reaction to the audience and other data will be totally common. The key will be to combine the data with creativity, to execute a perfect campaign.The digitization of ‘consumption’ : Sellers are no longer limited to the digital versions of their physical stores or other e-commerce companies. Instead, content providers will be digital showcases, where manufacturers or merchants will be able to sell directly to interested consumers.The disappearance of privacy : In light of the NSA disclosures, brands will strive to restore our confidence in privacy. For communicators, this means ensuring transparency, accountability and demonstrating security in the use of data.


The computing of anticipation : Google Now already predicts what information we need at all times and this level of computing of anticipation will have more place in 2014 Social media in school – instead of shunning social media, schools will start to use it to their advantage, with platforms like Edmodo and Skype in the Classroom specifically designed to improve education; Social media at school : gulf email list  Instead of avoiding social media, schools will start to use it to their advantage, with platforms like Edmondo and Skype in classrooms specifically designed to improve education.

Digital Artisans : As audiences have fallen in love with the aging effects of Instagram, iPad drawings, and USB typewriters, this fascination with vintage will have a knock-on effect on companies and brands, striving to create the same homemade look. authentic, revealing the story behind the brand.
From consumers to the community : Customer services and social media have been together for years, but 2014 will be the year that ‘formal’ customer services lose their ‘starched neck’ reputation and community managers gain authority within the organization
The Return of Big Media : Media Business Models Are Changing, But The Biggest Opportunity Is In The Shifting Expectations Of The Media Consumer: We Are All Big Media Now
But how much? It will be essential to be able to adequately provide a Return on Investment in communication activities and the amount of digital tools available means that measurement will be somewhat standardized in communication strategies.
Yashim Zavaleta, Director of Hotwire, commented, “Our annual report represents some of the most insightful and insightful knowledge our team has to offer. Over the last five years, we have correctly identified many of the technologies and behaviors that have shaped the communications industry, and their evolution towards large-scale adoption is truly significant. What’s even more exciting is being able to turn that knowledge into more effective ways to connect with our clients’ consumers, and with a broader base of influencers. “

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