10 tips to generate traffic for an online store.

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10 tips to generate traffic for an online store.


The primary objective of an online store is to increase sales every day to its maximum capacity. Although it is not an easy task, it can be achieved through an excellent Belize Phone Number List strategy, going from optimization to conversion.When you have an optimized online store, the next step is to achieve conversions. But what happens if we still don’t have enough traffic in our online store? This is what we are going to see in this post: 10 recommendations on how you can increase the traffic of your online store.
An optimal design and the appropriate functionalities take your online store to the next level. In this sense, it is important that you consider that not all platforms are suitable for eCommerce.
From a technical and operational point of view, the best platform for an online store is Prestashop. This platform has different functionalities such as its live chat module that will allow you to interact in real time.
Perfect platform


In case you are using another platform such as WooCommerce, it is recommended that you  gulf email list choose to change from Woocommerce to Prestashop since in this way you will enhance the functionalities and considerably improve your website.
It is recommended that you hire a specialized company such as Initcoms, which will take care of the migration quickly and in the best possible way. Remember that if you are not an expert in the field it can become a very complicated task.
We recommend Prestashop because it is the ideal platform for small and medium industries and far exceeds WooCommerce. The level of usability of Prestashop is excellent for both the administrator and the users. In addition, it is fully customizable, so you can adapt it to your needs and allow you to grow as your business grows.It is important that you consider that a migration involves many steps. Among them, the hosting, the compatibility, the SSL certificate, the transfer of the data and the proper adjustment of the URLs.
It is also essential that DNS update and function tests are carried out. That is why it is recommended that before making any changes on your own, you request a quote from a Prestashop store to a company with experience such as Initcoms, which in addition to including the necessary modules for proper operation, offers you specialized technical support and a efficient customer service.


Having a Prestashop online store will allow you to ensure that you have a responsive design. Nowadays it is essential to have a design that can be seen on all devices. And it is that every day a greater number of users use these means to make purchases.
Therefore, if you do not have a responsive design, you will stop having an important audience.
Another element of vital importance in the optimization of your website and in which Prestashop offers excellent results is the use of SEO tools.
An online store optimized for SEO will allow you to occupy the first places of organic positioning in search engines. Prestashop also allows the integration of your online store with Facebook and Instagram. Factor that will be decisive to increase traffic to your website and achieve a greater number of conversions.
For these reasons and some more, Prestashop is an exceptional platform to create an eCommerce .Before starting, it is convenient that you review the Google Analytics metrics of your website and determine the current situation. Analyze who your potential customers are, those who frequently visit your website and who have even provided you with their contact information.Remember that this is the first link in your sales funnel.It is also appropriate that you carry out a review of the subscribers to your mailing list and invite users to register on your website. Remember that your potential clients have already contacted you through the contact forms to make inquiries. Also those who make requests for quotes.
Having this updated information is the best way to reach your audience and get the desired leads.It is necessary that you establish the objective that your campaign pursues. Whether you want to get subscribers or make sales, it must be perfectly defined so that you can determine what the conversion rate is.

In the case of mailing lists, you can create a Landing Page to obtain customer information. Analyze the bounce and exit rate so that you can determine the behavior of your users.10 tips to generate traffic to your eCommerceFrom a clear vision and an optimized website, you can start taking actions to increase the traffic of your online store.
It is convenient that you use these strategies.Use calls to action – CTACalls to action, also known as CTAs, are an element that tells the potential customer what the next step is. In most online stores you will see buttons with “Buy now” or “Add to cart.”
However, you can use different calls to action to achieve different goals. It can be to subscribe to the mailing list, follow you on social networks or share your content. All these actions will help increase your website traffic.It is important that you segment your potential customers and personalize each group as much as possible. This does not mean that you have to target each CTA to a specific visitor, but it does mean that you can group and differentiate them.

For example, if you decide to carry out an email marketing campaign, it will be more effective if you carry it out on customers who have already purchased from your store. At the end of the day, it is easier to convert customers who already know your products and are familiar with your brand.An organized website is the key
To improve the user experience, you must have a sufficiently attractive and well-organized website. Therefore, worry about organizing the navigation menus of your online store and avoiding elements that can distract your visits.
An essential part of an online store and often neglected is the navigation menu. It is probably one of the areas that receives the most clicks in your online store, so take the time to organize it in the most logical and intuitive way possible and with a friendly design for both PC and mobile
Clear and concrete offers
Use titles on your products that are clear and concise. The more explicit the headline, the more interest you will get from visitors. To do this, establish who the target audience is in your headline. If your product is for men, women or children, make it clear in the title.
If you are publishing an offer, the title should make clear the validity of your limited offer or the available quantities of the product. These scarcity items will help play
Call to action in good company
The text that you put in the call to action should invite users to continue a process. You should also consider that the text that precedes it is of great impact and that it generates a sense of urgency.
Resort to Pop Up
For many, pop-ups or pop-ups can seem annoying, but if they are used properly they can obtain excellent results.
You can achieve a decrease in cart abandonment rates and increase conversions, if you use them strategically and intelligently. You need to offer something useful and relevant to the user, such as a special promotion or gift.
You can use pop-ups so that your customers subscribe to your mailing list in exchange for a discount. This will allow you to have the data of your potential clients and send them your best offers through email marketing. That way you will be offering them something that interests them a lot, a discount for their purchases.

If you’d rather be less invasive with subscribing to your mailing list, you can include a check box in the purchase process. In this way, clients will grant authorization to receive your promotional emails.Another suitable way to avoid the abandonment of the carts by means of pop up, is to use them when the client has the intention of leaving. At that time, you can include a pop up that indicates that you are about to abandon your shopping cart with products, and you can make it reconsider the abandonment.
Quality and professional images
generate traffic online store quality photographs
In an online store, the products must be real and of good quality. Don’t just promote your products on a white background, place your products in a natural environment and even show real people using them.
It is advisable that you use a professional photographer to take different shots of the products at different angles, also of the most significant details. Show a person using your products so that the potential customer feels that urgent need to have it.
If you want to promote your products and obtain excellent results, place a section of the most popular products or those that have achieved the highest number of sales, on the main page. Without a doubt, it will be a reference element for potential customers of your online store.
Offers a visual break
Do not saturate your online store, leave blank spaces that separate the products on your page so that they can be viewed better.In this sense, less is more, it allows potential customers to enjoy the products without weighing them down.
Simplify readability
Not only the titles and the CTA are important, you should also consider that the content is simple, with good size letters. This small detail will allow visitors to easily read all the content.
It is also recommended that you verify if you are using the appropriate size for your content using a readability testing tool. Remember that it is not only necessary that the text is legible but that it is well structured and has a well-defined hierarchy.
Offers guarantees
Even if you think that it is not a determining factor, offering a guarantee of your products or services will increase your sales. To offer your customers confidence in your products, having security badges from recognized brands is an excellent option.
These types of badges allow potential customers to trust that your website is safe and reliable.
Establish return policies and a money-back guarantee if your customers are not satisfied with your products. Definitely this element is essential to gain the trust of your customers.
If you have badges in your sector, such as rankings, awards or accreditations, let your customers know that you have them. You can locate that information in a visible area of ​​your website or in specific products that have been awarded or have a certification.
Use testimonials from satisfied customers
One of the best ways to encourage potential customers to make a purchase is through reviews. This will allow your customers to know the opinion or testimony of satisfied customers who have already tried your products or services.If you still don’t have reviews on your website, now is the time to do it. For this you can use different tools to encourage your customers to make reviews. You can also use a rating system for each of the products in which buyers’ comments can be viewed.
In case you have doubts about the correct way to implement the different strategies to achieve greater traffic on your website, do not hesitate to contact Initicoms.
We have highly trained staff and we guarantee to increase your leads in just three months.

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