10 vintage ads that should apologize to women

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10 vintage ads that should apologize to women

s rosy at that time and it is for this reason that I will show 10 vintage ads that should apologize to women for their high degree of machismo.
How did I get to these ads?Precisely looking for the origin of sexist advertising for a report that  Turkey Phone Number List I am preparing. And not only did I find these types of advertisements, but at that time, since there were no regulations in this regard, even cigarette advertisements were appreciated where doctors or babies suggested people to smoke one or another brand. WTF !!!
That’s how it is. Not all the past was better.
So let’s look at 10 vintage ads that should apologize to women. And for the women who read the blog, I hope they take it funny and rejoice that at least this type of publicity (Although not entirely) is hardly seen anymore.

10 #vintage ads that should apologize to #womenCLICK TO TWEET
1. TOTAL”Keep your house, while you lose weight”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 10
Sure, why spend on exuberant gym dues or those “Call Now” style products if you can simply buy a cereal that helps women lose weight while cleaning the house.
The most “crazy” thing about these types of ads is that not only did someone come up with them, but they were approved!10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 9
What can a woman want other than being confined to housework all day? Obviously, cooking faster so you have more time to do even more housework.10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 7That “50 shades of Gray” or that eight quarters, by then there was the Van Heusen brand, for all those women who wanted a man who used his brute force to show how bold he was.The harder a woman’s work is, the prettier she looks”

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10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 6Because there is nothing sexier than a woman cooking, cleaning, dusting the house. What’s more, it is so sexy that  gulf email list the astonished man asks how she did all that and she answers that thanks to the vitamins that her cereal had.Men are better than women”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 5
I simply have no words to describe this ad. Two men who reached the top of a kind of mountain, while a woman is hanging by a rope, I don’t know if trying to get there or trying to survive when they pushed her.
Apart from the message “Men are better than women” !!! Speechless.

Throw the smoke in her face and she will follow you everywhere”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 4
There should be nothing sexier and more romantic than having cigarette smoke thrown in your face. At that time, true gentlemen did not give flowers or go on romantic outings, they simply bought a pack of Tripletet and fume every woman on their way.
Please Dave, don’t leave me locked up without you”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 3 Although I still cannot understand what this ad is about, from where you look at it it is horror. A locked woman, the words “Doubts”, “Ignorance”, “Inhibitions” and a message at the end that says something like “for complete feminine hygiene” and “A concentrate kills germs.”
I prefer to move on to the next ad before jumping to conclusions.
The chefs do everything, but cook, that’s what the wives do”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 2

It is enough to see the expression of the woman in this ad, to realize that if someone says something like this to his wife, she can die processed and turned into some kind of food. Literally for the time, wives were only good for cooking.
And come on, we’ve already reached the last …
“Don’t worry honey, you didn’t burn the beer”
10 vintage ads that should apologize to women 1
In short, at that time, as long as nothing happened to the beer, nothing happened and the man did not lose control. I think the woman is crying because she could no longer endure that kind of life and not because she has burned the food.
So here, 10 vintage ads that should apologize to women … and some of them actually have quite aggressive messages.
I will not talk about the “subliminal messages” in advertising, but many of these ads, more than encouraging a purchase of a product, were encouraging a behavior or a type of thinking towards women that was not really positive at all .
Anyway women, rejoice that apparently, beyond all the sexism that exists today in advertising, there is no doubt that at least, these types of messages almost do not exist (And I say almost, because there are still some)I hope you liked this article, you have taken it with humor and finally, what better than a good publicity that instead of promoting machismo and feminism, promotes “Equality”

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