12 Keys and trends to keep in mind to develop an effective mobile strategy

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12 Keys and trends to keep in mind to develop an effective mobile strategy

The unstoppable increase in users who have smartphones and tablets is definitely changing the habits and behavior of consumers. The new user permanently connected through multiple screens has forever changed the way services are accessed. What consequences does this revolution have for marketers?Several experts gathered by Guardian Professional in partnership with Adobe weigh in on the 12 most important trends to watch out for in order to be effective in mobile marketing strategies.According to Paul Berney, head of list of nigeria phone numbers for the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile has changed consumer behavior forever. He now has a device in his pocket that gives him access to almost all human knowledge. It is one click away from finding, knowing, making, and one click away from buying. This whole range of possibilities must necessarily change the way in which brands present themselves to their customers.The pages of 40% of the big advertisers are not yet optimized for mobile and at the same time the connection speed of the users is still relatively low. The conjunction of both realities results in too heavy websites that do not fit the needs of a mobile user. For John Barnes, managing director of Incisive Media, until consumer connections are faster, companies must adjust to that reality and adapt the content they offer: “The more speed, the more things fit on the page, the less speed , less things”.


Some heads of large companies, such as Matthew Blay, of Telefónica Digital, consider that text messages continue to play an important role in the media mix. Not only because they can be used to exploit very particular functionalities such as local offers, videos, etc. But because they also have a 100% market reach. Despite the scant attention paid to them, the truth is that in areas like South America, where mobile adoption is growing at a 69% rate, gulf email list 
SMS has not disappeared from among the characteristics of user devices.Marketers must be responsiveThose responsible for marketing have to adapt to the changes that the mobile is introducing in the lives of users, when buying or sharing. They must pay attention to their behaviors to catch the wave just before it breaks. Localization, for example, Blay points out, is exerting a tremendous influence when the promoted product is close to the consumer and matches their needs, and many companies are successfully using social media and mobile to influence their decisions.
It is the recommendation of experts like Gunnar Klauberg, director of product marketing at Adobe Systems: “Sometimes a single mobile page can be the best strategy, and concentrate all efforts there instead of diluting them in different channels.”

Investment in mobile advertising is going to increase from 3% to 30% in the next two years, according to Klauberg. For him it would be a mistake to withdraw the investment in desktop to allocate it to mobile devices. We must stop designing differentiated strategies for each channel and think globally. Success lies in knowing how to play a good role on all channels, with a consistent and coherent presence on all devices.The mobile must be relevant to the consumeThe consumer does not think in terms of the device, they simply want to connect with the brand and find what they are looking for. So the action on mobile has to be relevant, go straight to the point and answer what the consumer asks without saturating the small screen with other types of information that they do not need.Integrate the mobile from the beginning
When 40% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile and Twitter is following in its footsteps, it is impossible, as Lumata’s chief marketing officer, Adhish Kulkarni says, “to think about social media without integrating the mobile strategy from the start” .
Big data has the answersThe information that users constantly provide is what can indicate to companies where and what they have to dedicate their efforts. If consumers tell us with their decisions that text messages to launch promotions no longer work, but that most coupons are downloaded from the application, decisions will have to be made according to that reality.Mobile advertising shouldn’t seem like an interruptionMaking mobile ads not seem like an interruption but almost a part of the proposal is quite complicated but there are some examples of success such as Wazz, the social mapping application recently acquired by Google, which has found in sponsored locations a way to monetize the geolocation service.

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