15 brands that had surgery to change their image and it was very good

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15 brands that had surgery to change their image and it was very good

Like people, brands sometimes need to undergo surgery and undergo a small (or large) surgery to change their image and have a fresh look.Either because years have passed since its image was designed or because modern times require it, brands must change their image from time to time.
Why?Very simple, changing the image can simply be a way to show your customers that they are times of renewal, many times the change of image leads to a whole strategy that shows that a brand has entered a new stage of its life.
At other times, it is Philippines Phone Number List  simply a matter of leaving behind that image that is already associated with the past, with the old, etc.
In short, changing the image means a whole new world for a brand.
15 brands that had surgery to change their #image and it turned out very wellCLICK TO TWEET
It is for this reason that today I bring a compilation of 15 world-known brands, who decided to have surgery and change their image.

As can be seen in these examples, changing the image can be something radical or simply make small modifications to a brand to arrive at a better design.


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For example, to the Apple brand, the fact of changing its image settled very well, going  gulf email list from a quite loaded design full of elements, to being able to summarize its image in a simple concept (An apple)
On the other hand, brands like 3M were able to change their image by retouching small details such as typography and colors, without adding more elements or staying with some type of icon or symbol.
In short, changing your image does not mean going around the bush.
It means being able to find a way to convey the values, the message, the style and what the brand represents, through some visual representation. Representation that can be loaded with elements or be reduced to its minimum expression.I hope you have enjoyed this small compilation of 15 brands that decided to undergo surgery to change their image and that it really fit them very well !!!

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