15 Hilarious Marketing Fails: The Funniest Marketing Mistakes

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15 Hilarious Marketing Fails: The Funniest Marketing Mistakes

When we talk about “fails” on the Internet, we mean an error or mistake that also ends up being funny. That is why today I am going to show you 15 funny Switzerland Phone Number List fails that I had saved on my computer.Everyone is wrong, we are human and the saying already goes:”To err is of humans”
However, in marketing, you not only have to be very careful, but also think things through, analyze 1001 times all of them and even check that everything is fine, before making a mistake and ending up in a Marketing Fails article !!!
Could it be that I am very bad thought out or really that strange object that appears next to the milk, does not seem to be a bone? Does it look more like a….? I better not say it. One of those Marketing Fails that make you wonder: Didn’t anyone notice something strange in the ad?There are some Marketing Fails that really make me wonder if they were not done on purpose. A clear example is this advertising on a bus, where you can see that the grandmother is a little … I don’t know how to say it. Excited? WTF !!!

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Marketing fails 11 Coincidence of life or one of those terrible Marketing Fails? It seems that gulf email list  the designer never imagined that his design would end up looking like we are holding a bag from someone’s nose hole, to someone else’s forehead. It is as if a tremendous mucus comes out of his nose, and from there we have to hold the bag.Marketing fails 10 – marketing in bolivia. For busty tennis players
This is one of my favorite Marketing Fails. In this packaging design it seems that they never thought that leaving a hole like that would create a kind of visual effect in which it seemed that the man in the image had a huge pair of breasts !!!
Marketing fails 9 – marketing in bolivia. Troll Handle
What’s so weird about this ad plotted in a taxi? Did you see where you have to grab to open the back door? Another one of those simply great Marketing Fails.
Marketing Fails 8. Next destination An accident?
This advertising example has two errors. First that the plane instead of taking off, it seems that it is plummeting to the ground. Nothing encouraging to take a trip. Second, that people tend to twist their head to read by leaning it over their left shoulder (And here you have to do it over the right). Indeed one of those Marketing Fails generated by turning the design upside down.
Marketing Fails 7 – marketing in bolivia
10. A good pair of… rubbers !!!

As it is not necessary to explain this example of the compiled Marketing Fails. A simply great plot and an error that gives much to talk about!
Marketing Fails 6 – marketing in bolivia
11. An advertisement with diarrhea.
I know, I know, it’s disgusting, but it really is one of those Marketing Fails that have no waste. The unfortunate union of two advertisements creates the visual effect of a woman, who has very serious gastric problems.Marketing Fails 5 – marketing in bolivia
12. Watch out for the carrot !!!
Continuing with the list of Marketing Fails and unfortunate ad links, I think that the following image does not need to be explained, right?
Actually this ad was never intended to be inserted in that location, because it is quite obvious that something like this could happen. Marketing Fails are everywhere !!!Marketing Fails 3 – marketing in boliviaThis example of Marketing Fail can only be seen when the door of the Starbucks wagon is opened, changing the brand name to “Sucks” which means in English, something like “Sucks”.
Marketing Fails 2 – marketing in boliviaI really don’t know if this ad is one of those incredible Marketings Fails or they really made it aware. The ad is for a funeral home, with the message “Come a little closer” to read the fine print that mentions a funeral service. The problem? That when you approach you can fall on the subway tracks !!! Epic!!!

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