15 ideas to promote an event and fill it with people

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15 ideas to promote an event and fill it with people

The phone rings, on the other side of the line is the organizer of a course that I am about to teach in a few days and which had been planned more than a month in advance.
I hear his voice somewhat hesitant, somewhat fearful, staccato, and the following words come out:
Any professional who has been (that is) a teacher, lecturer, speaker or speaker in some type of event will surely have gone through this situation on some occasion.
It’s true, sometimes things don’t work out and you can be “flexible.”
But when there are several occasions in which this happens (especially with the same organizer) the first problems begin to appear.
That is why this article is not intended for speakers or lecturers.
Who is it for then?To the organizers of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences or congresses that many times have also found themselves in this situation.
WARNING: If you find yourself reading this article and you are within that segment that I just mentioned (Organizer), perhaps what you are going to read may hurt your sensitivity and you may even feel touched by many of the things I mention.
If you really want to be a professional, ethical organizer who really wants to get good results when promoting an event , then this article may be of great help and you will take advantage of it.
But I repeat, I’ll be pretty tough on this, if you’re going to keep reading don’t say I didn’t warn you.Table of contents [ Show ]Would you rather watch the video on how to promote an event rather than read the article? Then you can do it next.Subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can see this and many more videos of your interest.

To start the article, I want to remind you of the following:When I go up on a stage, enter a room or a classroom, I leave everything in that place. In other words, I really give more than 100% of what is expected of me.Remember this:In order to give lectures, courses, workshops, or participate in events, the vast majority of speakers spend a lot of time, money, and effort in actually having what it takes to provide a positive experience for attendees. It must be borne in mind that many also have years of experience on their shoulders and are there to share what they know; that which cost them so much.So…THAT YOU CAN’T FILL A ROOM IS NOT MY PROBLEM. HE IS YOURS.However, don’t forget that your problem affects me when things don’t go well. Worse still when we talk about the monetary issue (Fees) since if things work or not, my time commitment and possibly even work, has already been done even partially. (Even many times one sacrifices other events or clients)That is why I decided to create this article, to give you a series of ideas and tips to promote an event and that I promise that if you really follow many of these options, you will have positive results.It is also likely that many of these ideas are not being carried out, but I reiterate, if you follow these tips and have a good event, a good speaker and a good promotion strategy, nothing should go wrong.Idea iconIDEA # 1: HAVE A GOOD WEBSITE TO PROMOTE AN EVENT
Promote an event 9Do you really think that just putting an image on a Fan Page and a phone number will fill a room?

We live in a new era where people like to stock up on information before picking up the phone.If you have a company that runs courses, seminars, workshops or conferences, then you should invest in a good website that is functional.
What do I mean by functional?
Basically that your website presents, among other contents, a calendar with all the events that you have planned and that you have in the future.
It would be ideal for each event to see important information such as:
The location or place where the event will take place.
Who will be the speaker (Remember to include a biography, social networks and even curriculum if possible)
A detailed description of the program, who it is aimed at and what benefit the attendees will obtain
Complementary videos or images.
A button or form to register (Indispensable)
The objective of having such a web page is not only to provide information, but to really motivate action and push the client to make a decision at that moment. And if your website doesn’t allow this, it might be time for you to migrate to WordPress and look for a good template on ThemeForest .

For example, you could ask the speaker to prepare a personal video inviting people, explaining the reasons why they should participate.In summary, with all this I mean a functional website, with solid content, well positioned, accessible, responsive and very professional.
If you are going to promote an event, then the website is ESSENTIAL.
I recommend visiting online course sites like Udemy or Coursera . If they are able to sell an online course, I see no reason why you can’t face one.
Promote an event 4
On the other hand, it may also be an option to design a site entirely for the event instead of having it on your website. It has its cost, but the result can be more than interesting.Promote an event 3
Tip: Having an online space dedicated to promoting an event, either through an entire website or a part of yours, is a very good strategy. Besides that, you will appear in Google if the search engine manages to
No no and no.I do not mean that you hire a mass mailing service since this is SPAM and you are not even reaching the people who can go to your event.
Nor do I mean to promote an event by sending an email to ALL the attendees or contacts that we have in a database.
I mean do i email databases by subject or affinity (For example, separate digital Australia Mobile Number Database from sales or leadership) in order to send information to the most sensitive public to consume or open that email.This means that you have to take the delicate work that every time you organize a course, event or workshop, you write down the emails of all the attendees (All their data) and obviously include them in a particular database.
What kind of data to collect?
At least the following:
NameSurnameEmailEvent you participated in
What to do with the Databases?
You should once launched your campaign with some email marketing tools , see who opened the email andwho did not. According to the results, develop new mailings for the people who did not open the mail and start calling those who did.
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I give you one more help.
Did you open the mail? NOT. Then send a new one with a more attractive title.
Did you open the mail? YES and also entered the web . Then give him a call to close the deal.
Did you open the mail? YES but didn’t click anything . Then give him a call to close the deal.
Promoting an event is not about sending emails and waiting for the phone to start ringing non-stop over and over again.
It’s actually about knowing how to manage those databases effectively, so that you can get promising results.

Australia Phone Number List

Tip: Start managing your databases professionally today, as time goes by you will notice the benefits and
Think about it, a  gulf email list single message, in a single day could reach more than 40,000 people And you still can’t give away one or two tickets in exchange?The same can happen with a radio host, a television host, or the owner of a business that can attract and bring people to you.
But ATTENTION that the topic does not end here.
What if instead of giving away tickets, you offer a commission percentage on the tickets sold?
A few years ago we filled an event with more than 2,000 people together with a team that worked with this modality and the truth is that the entrance was not cheap. But unity is strength, and together we filled the event being that our balance point was at 1,500 people.
Do you want to promote an event? So stop working alone and build a team or team up with someone.
You will gain more time, money and a good reputation (and relationship) with your speakers.Tip: Create your network of partners or collaborating media, maybe in exchange for tickets, mentions or even presence online (eg on your website) or offline, they help you promote the event.
Promote an event 5
Did you know that if you create an event on Facebook, many people will receive notifications when their friends are going to attend, when they are near their location or when they see their Facebook calendar?
Promote an event 1
So why not create your Facebook event well in advance?
To promote an event, the use of social networks is key and one of the great advantages of Facebook is that it allows you to do it for free.
Not only that, you can also put your speakers as organizers and help you create content, invite people and promote it.

Actually an event on Facebook could be a great advantage.Do you want to know more?
You can put announcements to your event !!!And since all the necessary information is there, then people can really flag if they are not interested, maybe they will attend or if they will actually attend.
Tip: Do not forget to include a link within the Facebook event to your website with more details and information, as I explained in the first point.
Idea icon
Facebook is undoubtedly a great tool, but unfortunately it has done tremendous damage to  marketing  and now everyone believes that just using this social network (and investing little) will fill a room.
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I’m sorry, but the truth is not like that.You should really understand that promoting an event is not always based on only using a social network, but that you can use several of them and even, there may be the case that you have to make a mix between online and offline.A consultant friend recently filled an event with over 1,000 people, using only 3 people that he hired part-time to make phone calls.
So, stop believing that Facebook is the time mine for everything and start planning and thinking the following:What is my audience?Where is it located?
What MEDIA does it consume?How do you consume those media?
What means are most effective in reaching my audience?What means are ESSENTIAL?
What means are optional or complementary?
I am a true believer that many events, courses, seminars and workshops end without reaching the desired minimum quota, not because they are bad or poorly organized, but because no one took the trouble to promote the event as it should.Tip: Take advantage of all the social networks that you see that are congruent with your target audience. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket, bet on diversifying the promotion of the event in different spaces.
Oh! What are you going to promote your event with on your fan page? Tell me, how many thousands of followers do you have?Do you have a high engagement rate?Not?
Then it will be a failure.Unless you have a huge community of fans active and connected to your brand, company or institution, promoting an event only on your Fan Page and waiting for the registered lists to burst is a huge mistake.
Not even I with 6,000 fans would encourage me only to trust my Fan Page to fill a room and that I consider a good number.What should you do?


Promote an event 6
By this I mean that if you really want to promote an event in digital media, look for different ad options to see those that are more effective and also change the message a bit and try to hook those that perhaps the other message did not attract. .THAT THE PLATFORM IS ONLINE AND FREE TO USE (LIKE FACEBOOK), DOES NOT MEAN THAT FOR THAT REASON YOU SHOULD NOT PUT A MERE PENNY ON ADS.
Tip: Promoting an event goes hand in hand with investing in digital ads if you are already using these communication channels. Think of your event as in a store, if you do not invest in advertising, you will reachewer people.Idea iconIDEA # 7: PRESS RELEASES
This may not be THE BIG IDEA but many times it has helped certain types of events or when you have a great speaker. ( Although I must admit that I have also seen courses, workshops or seminars using this idea effectively )It costs you nothing to create a good press release with the details of the event to be promoted and share it with some media.
What can you lose?Don’t they call you?It does not matter, but at least you will take the experience of having tried in the quest not to fail as an event organizer.
Not much to say, it costs ALMOST nothing to try . But if you stick to just one medium, at least it will have been worth it.
Tip: Many media are open to communicate events, courses, workshops or seminars without asking for anything in return. Perhaps not everyone will accept your press release, but if only one does, you will have already expanded your coverage.
With the arrival of certain technological tools ( not to say Facebook and email ) many organizers forgot about the famous “face to face” or phone calls.
A few years ago I put together an event for two consecutive years called Fexpomarketing (2010 and 2011). In both situations I was in charge of traveling to the 3 most important cities, negotiating visits to the most important universities and going classroom by classroom presenting the event to the students.
To this day I recognize that this strategy was one of the basic pillars to have achieved the positive results that we achieved in Fexpomarketing.


Believe me, I see it more and more often.I estimate that many people are overconfident about putting an event promotion to the end, especially with social media or digital tools, but timing is extremely important and this is why many events fail.
You should allow plenty of time for preparation, anticipation, promotion, and last-minute strategies.
Look at it this way:Imagine that you are reaching the end of the month, you have almost no money left and you are really going to have to tighten your belt. Suddenly when you are on Facebook you see an ad that catches your attention. That course on that subject that you would like to participate so much. But you also see the price and realize that paying it at this time will require effort and will throw your finances out of balance. Make it to the end of the month or the event? What to choose?
The same thing happens to people.Even for a recital, people need time to be able to plan well and not destroy their pockets.
So keep this in mind, if you cannot promote an event with a good time, your potential attendees will not be able to adjust their finances and it is likely that before going, they will decide not to do it.
Even not only for money issues, but also for time . Think that there may be people who should ask for time at work, talk about it with their partner or even see who to leave the children with.
Tip: Promoting an event requires good planning and time to communicate it. Don’t leave this to the lastminute.Idea icon
Toxic Marketing
Some of my most attended conferences and workshops are those in which they let me put a good name, such as:Ninja in salesToxic MarketingAdvertising SeductionIt has happened to me that there have even been attendees who signed up for the flashy title rather than for the content.

And it is true, giving your event a good title is like giving a movie a good name.However, many event organizers want to kill two birds with one stone, so they prefer to give it extremely descriptive names so as not to have to explain too much. Names such as:Advertising techniques for marketing managersManagement of Social Networks for SMEsEffective sales techniquesWhat’s going on?That like a movie, having a bad title, when promoting an event nobody is attracted to it because it sounds like “more of the same”Tip: Study the titles of the great speakers and you will notice that many of them use names of the interesting ones. Apply this concept to your events or when promoting an event, in order to have a good hook.
Promote an event 7Another idea to promote an event is to use free and paid portals on the internet, which allow events to be shared or at least provide spaces for this.
For example, many people often use Eventbrite (Before Eventioz) to upload the events they are going to hold, organize everything and even keep a record of the people.There are also classified portals that often allow you to upload events or even tools to promote them within their main cover.
For example, in Bolivia there is TuMomo.com that allows you to create an ad on a billboard, put it on the main screen and that ad has a popup, ideal for promoting an event at a very low cost, but reaching thousands of daily visits that this web has.
Promote an event 2
Don’t just stick with Facebook, take advantage of the power of other digital tools to promote yourself.
Tip: Research websites that promote events or that provide this possibility and add them to your media planning. Many of them even have very good indexing in Google and will ensure that when someone searches for your event, they find it almost instantly.
Like it or not, the newspaper is still a valuable source of information for many people.
What’s more, it is still a valuable tool for many companies and brands when it comes to advertising.
Why not do it then? It is very expensive?
Remember that in advertising there are no words “expensive” or “cheap” but rather “profitable” or “not profitable”. And the newspaper can be a very profitable medium because of its reach.

I repeatThat we live in an era where there are many digital communications does not mean that other media have disappeared.
Invest in newspapers if your budget reaches you, because there may be the minimum possibility that some people participate and you will recoup your investment.On the other hand, don’t forget that if your event appears in a newspaper, it can convey the feeling that it is something much more professional than just uploading an art on Facebook.
Tip: That many people use Facebook does not mean that part of your audience does not read thenewspaper. Until they disappear from the face of the earth, keep in mind to continue investing in thesemedia.Idea iconIDEA # 13: LET YOUR SPEAKERS MOVE YOUR EVENT
Why not harness the power of your speakers at your event? Since you’re leading them, maybe they can give you a hand.Promote an event 8
For example, they can be in charge of uploading or sharing messages on their personal Facebook account, on their Fan page, Twitter account or they may even write articles for blogs related to the country or city where the event will take place.
Surely you are thinking that this is not possible.
This blog is the clear example.
Here in Bolivia every year the EXMA BOLIVIA is held , a magnificent marketing event that brings several speakers from other countries and some of them passed through Mclanfranconi.com as guests, such as:
Vilma Nuñez (Online Marketing Tips)
Cristina Quiñones (Brand Teraphy)
Alberto Arébalos (Cristal’s office)
David Gómez (Good, Beautiful and Carito)
As you can see, there are many ways that leading figures can help you promote an event.
Here is a list of more ideas that could help you at this stage:

Create a hashtag and have them help you promote it on Twitter.
Create good art and have them help you share it on their social networks.
Create a good newsletter and have them help you send it to your contacts, subscribers or database.
Invite them as administrators of your event on Facebook and add people.
Ask them to guest blog on blog or important media (Make the contact)
You can suggest that they record a short video to help you promote it on your social networks, giving the event more credibility.
I can think of MANY IDEAS to promote an event with the support of the speakers or lecturers.What DOESN’T MEAN are reasons not to do it. And you?
Tip: Harness the power of your event figures to promote it. Many of them can “pull” a lot of people and save you time, money and effort.
If your event aims to attract a certain segment, such as the public that may be within companies, managers, assistant managers and the like, then you should see the possibility of preparing personalized invitations.
The steps are simple:First of all , you should do a research on those companies, as well as the important people that you would like to participate in your event.
Second , you should prepare personalized invitations and start sending them out to people.
Third , you should make phone calls to see if they received the invitation, if there are any doubts to clear and see their degree of interest in participating.Although it can be a somewhat long process when promoting an event, taking this job will generate interesting feedback on the degree of interest in the event you are organizing.
Tip: As I said in a previous point, marketing one to one has its benefits. Don’t ever forget to include a part of your promotion strategy in this section.Idea iconIDEA # 15: TRY NEW TOOLS AND METHODS
Finally, the last idea that I give you to promote an event, is that you try to get out of the conventional and try something new.
For example, you could create a distribution list on WhatsApp and send an image of your next course, workshop or seminar to a database that you have of attendees at previous events (Do you see why I asked you to write this down?)

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