15 Negotiation Tips for Agencies

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15 Negotiation Tips for Agencies

Any company looking to grow needs good negotiators on its team. This past year as a usa phone number database free download and sales consultant for RD Station partner agencies, I closely followed various negotiations and some patterns – both of success and failure – caught my attention.Negotiation is a natural human practice that we bring to the surface in the professional context; be it to negotiate prices with suppliers, allies, new contracts, or readjustments of the team’s salary, some skills and processes are essential.Generally, these skills are concentrated in the leadership positions of the company and in some senior salespeople, so I organized in this post 15 negotiation tips that I learned with our allies over the past year.They are quick recommendations inspired by the book “Understand Selling” by American author Ken Langdon, added to our practical point of view in the day to day in the RD Station allies area.. Define objectives
Your negotiation will be more efficient if you have well-defined objectives. Keeping a specific outcome in mind – like renegotiating a contract with a 15% raise – it will be easier for you to prepare for customer objectionsTherefore, preparation includes writing measurable goals for the negotiation and the objectives must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.Remember: Some goals will be more important than others, both to you and to the prospect. You must be clear about the distinction between what you want and what you need, as well as understand well what the client wants and what he really needs. Thus, we differentiate primary and secondary objectives. Develop communication skills
Negotiating represents talking and listening to the other until reaching a conclusion acceptable to both of you. I already participated in many negotiations where the agency only talked about itself and its cases, instead of focusing on the client’s solution

It is important to use success stories and show the know-how to generate authority and gain credibility, but there is a suitable time for that. I recommend that you listen very well to what your client has to tell you, since he himself will give almost all the answers you need to advance the negotiation.Free eBook: Agency, overcome all your challenges!
Find out which are the main obstacles for those who want to take their business to another levelIf a full-time agent for an agency and a future client do not negotiate to reach a conciliation, the commercial will not make the sale and will not reach his goal, as the prospect will not have the improvements proposed in the project.The idea is that your agency is really seen as an ally in the company’s Digital Marketing strategies , and from that perception, manage to add value to its services Recognize the loses / loses in time


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It is common to advance in a negotiation in which we generate high expectations, but when we reach the final stage, the budget is much lower than expected for  gulf email list the project to be viable for your agencyIn that case, there was an initial misalignment in terms of available investment. That is why it is essential to validate the BANT (in English Budget, Authority, Needs, Time; in Spanish Budget, authority, need and time) at the beginning of the negotiationIf we perceive that the project will be unfeasible after the beginning, there is time to align expectations, recognizing the lose / lose negotiation and looking for solutions.Otherwise, you will get into an endless discussion about price, where the perception of value and delivery of the project will be harmed. Your agency ends up paying to work and your client has low or zero results.Balance flexibility and firmnessStart with the right attitude. On a scale between firmness and flexibility, the best way to start a negotiation is by being flexible, firmer. That maximizes the chances of a mutually satisfying conclusion, and as a result, a win wins Identify the stakeholders and the decision maker
In B2B negotiations, there is usually one person on each side of the negotiation responsible for discussing the closing date and the agreement. Still, in most cases there are also other people with the power to influence what the negotiator can offer and accept.

Partner: Interested in growing the business and making investments that bring return. It highlights the ROI projections and the broad benefits of the project, as well as the generation of an asset – potential client base – for the future.Internal Marketing: Seeks to know how the project is going to meet the needs of the clients and the company, and can perceive your agency as an ally or as a threat. Alliance in the sense of bringing a new solution and tools, as well as learning for the team. But you may be wary of being undervalued; That is why it is important to highlight the importance of an internal marketing team to support the agency’s strategy.
Investor: Like the partners, they want to see a return on the operation in a certain period of time. Focus on ROI projections, technology involved and deadlines to achieve it.
IT: Technical managers with great influence on the approval of the solution. It is essential to bring the value generated by the proposal, the possibility of updating the technology, support, as well as the security and reliability of the information.Financial: Responsible for the management of financial resources and cash flow, has as an objection the terms and volume of payments. That is why making payment methods more flexible is important. It may be necessary to charge less at the beginning of the project and increase in the second stage. It all depends on the client’s business model and the project schedule.
Commercial Director: Interested in meeting his sales goal that normally sees Inbound Marketing with good eyes, for being a commercial strategy and working the sales funnel. You can make him a positive influencer once you connect the agency’s goals with the department’s sales goal.
Spouse: Yes, in family businesses it is common for investment decisions to be made at home, literally. In this case, it is important to involve the spouse so that they have an understanding of the value generated by the project, as well as listen to their objections directly; Because if the choice is between investing in a vacation in Europe or the services of your agency, we know that the risk of not closing the deal is high.
7. Discover the role of each stakeholder
Within any negotiation team, people have different roles in the process, and identifying them will bring you greater security in the process. It is also common for a person to assume more than one role. They are usually:Leader: Usually the person with the highest position on the team. He is the one who most discusses and places exits.Hard Line: See the bad side of issues and present difficulties on the other side.
The friend: The friendliest person and closest to the people of the other party. It can help you in the dynamics and keep the relationship healthier.
Summarizer: Attentively accompanies the discussions and intervenes to keep the focus of the people. Asks insightful questions and summarizes points made.
8. Make a good proposal (and set a deadline)
Put together a successful commercial proposal that corresponds to the needs that you raised from the client in the briefing and set a deadline. It is a common practice that strengthens the positioning of the agency, in addition to bringing closure predictability. With a deadline, you know how to organize follow ups and work with calculated moves. Time is a scarce resource, therefore, the term is a bargaining chip.

Discuss the points and adjust the proposals
The discussion stage is occasionally seen as confrontational, but in reality it is an opportunity.Each side exposes their reasons to justify something as true or necessary, which is key for you to discover more about your opponents’ knowledge and aspirations in the best possible way. – Themselves.In most cases, after the official presentation of the proposal, the client passes their final objections before closing, and these objections need not necessarily be about the financial investment. They can be about turnaround time, people involved, scope, and even the channels to achieve the results.So head open! Money is not always the problem. Plan concessions (and save them for the right time)
During preparation, you can decide exactly which concessions you are or are not willing to make. Have a totally positive mental attitude in relation to them, since, if you consider any result that is not the ideal scenario unsatisfactory, you will allow the negotiation to fail or you will feel that you lost, even if it is closing the businessDo not show a willingness to make such concessions during the negotiation, but take them into account for when they are necessary to get closer to the closing of the deal.
Finding the right moment is key to a successful negotiation.Agency Fee: Would a 5% discount make you close now?Payment methods: If I charge less for the first three months and we compensate it throughout the project, do we close now?Project scope: How about reducing the volume of content a bit to close the account?Investment in paid advertising: This variable is very sensitive and directly impacts the ROI, but we can start with less advertising and increase as the billing of the project.
Special conditions for Aliados: For agency clients, I get a special discount in advance at RD Station.
Team involved: Varying between Senior and Junior profiles of project participants can be a way out to bring credibility and low cost feeling.Commissions: What if we have a commission for success? With conservative projections, we can look for a win win; Marketing funnel benchmarking exists to help you at this stage.
Free Implementation : If we configure the tools at no cost until next week, do we go out of business?
Additional pieces: If we close now, you can earn “X” hours of graphic production.
First month free: We can do the planning and implementation, and charge from the second month.
Extra Meetings: Agree to add more alignment meetings between marketing and sales.
11. Prepare responses for probable objections
Think of various objections that can be raised by the other side of the negotiation and gather the information necessary to answer them. Think about how to present this information clearly and simply; make sure all members of your team are informed.

They can also create the impression that you have already reached your limit and that is why you want to conclude, and that you keep your final offer.
Stand out every time their positions were approached and congratulate everyone for that. Use the final offer as an introduction to the conclusion of the agreement.
It summarizes all the concerns, arguments and consensus already reached for both sides. Emphasize the issues where you made the most concessions and the benefits the other side will have.You can also try a concessive conclusion. Keep your secondary concessions open and use them to checkmate: “If we close the annual project now, in addition to delivering what we have already agreed, I can also make the schedule more flexible and make your initial configuration free.”
The ability to know when that point has been reached is a precise art, and learning to identify the timing of a conclusion requires practice.
The best way to induce a conclusion is to use positive phrases that emphasize the valuable contribution of both parties to the negotiation and then mark the end of the negotiation stage.
Do you have any trading tips you’d like to share? You can share it in the comments. Do you use any other type of concession to close an agreement with clients? Have you already identified another stakeholder in this process?Share your knowledge and let’s grow together!everything is a matter of pra cticeAnd speaking of which, how many businesses are you going to close this year? We have an Editable Template for a successful business proposal, you can download it for free here.
You can get in touch with one of our specialists for agencies, who will help you close those clients that you love so much.

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