15 years of Merca 2.0: Digital marketing generated millionaire income for the film industry

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15 years of Merca 2.0: Digital marketing generated millionaire income for the film industry

Marketing has always existed in the film industry, however, its scope increased with digital marketing and now a good launch is accompanied by experiences, interaction , performances , as well as a digital campaign , so the dissemination of a premiere is already it is not limited to a trailer broadcast on radio and television. Data from the United States Film Association (MPAA) highlight that during 2016 the box office collection of the film industry in the Russia Mobile Database United States alone was 38.6 billion dollars , although on an international scale it increased 1 percent. percent income from the sale of digital tickets or movie tickets. According to MPAA figures, Mexico is in the ninth position on an international scale, raising 800 million dollars at the box office during 2016, however, it is the Latin American country that most attends the cinema . Russia Mobile Database

Although Titanic , by filmmaker James Cameron , was a 1997 premiere, it was one of the pioneers in the film industry, as it managed to exceed the barrier of one billion dollars in collection. The same director managed to surpass his mark of one billion with his film, Avatar , however, the filming cost close to 300 million dollars , while his marketing spending by Fox was 150 million dollars. Worldwide. Avatar, by James Cameron, is one of the success stories for film marketing because it had advertising formats greater than 30 seconds, in addition to the fact that the film studio created alliances with Coca Cola and McDonald’s to launch promotions and fans had access to augmented reality Brother Cell Phone List projections. In addition, LG and Panasonic entered into global alliances to promote the film on their TV screens, and Mattel was responsible for the production of toys featuring the film’s characters. Digital marketing in the film industry was transformed with the departure of social networks, YouTube , the internet and smartphones, to make movies viral . In addition to social networks, marketing in the cinema consists of presenting short-term teasers that are distributed on certain channels, or the classic trailers that are broadcast on exhibition networks or on TV at a certain time of day, as well as the Ads on social networks for paid insertion.

However, YouTube has become the main tool for film marketing , since sooner or later all trailers, teasers, filming processes, videos about the marketing agency that handled the promotion are filtered or uploaded to its platform. of the film, history and reports on the film director, behind the scenes , among others. Another saga that achieved the same marketing success was Harry Potter , who achieved in 8 films, in which its author, JK Rowling , achieved revenues of more than 27 million euros just for the books of the franchise, while the saga raised more of 7.2 billion euros , even though the other successful trilogy, The Lord of the Rings , earned 5.5 billion euros. In both cases, a great marketing success. What began as the story of a single mother in the 90s named Joanne Rowling, who took five years to write her first Harry Potter book, only to be rejected by 12 publishers until a small publisher agreed to print and release it. the sale, and what happened next is already a success story.

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