15 years of Merca 2.0: The “hashtag”, the symbol that revolutionized digital marketing

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15 years of Merca 2.0: The “hashtag”, the symbol that revolutionized digital marketing

With the growth of social networks in the digital environment, various concepts and resources have emerged, which have been adapted in marketing and have given rise to concepts such as Digital Marketing, Big Data, Programmatic , just to mention a few. Without a doubt , social Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List networks have become an important channel for digital marketing , which has as allies Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (as the main ones) and another resource that has become essential, the hashtags . The so-called hashtags are words or phrases that are written together (without spelling spaces), that are preceded by the number sign (#) and that frame the values, mission or feeling of something that we refer to in a publication in networks social. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List

For brands, hashtags have become the label that identifies them and reflects the acceptance or rejection of their initiative or brand. This is why it is very important to understand that they can comply with what we mean commercially and do not lend themselves to being molded in a negative way. For example, renowned brands that would like to undertake a digital marketing campaign to achieve better web positioning, it is necessary that they pay attention to the idea they want to convey and that it is always positive. It is necessary that the creatives and managers of a company analyze how they will put Brother Cell Phone List together the hashtag that will define them and include it in their strategy, since these words can frame the success or failure of an idea, slogan or concept of a brand or product and achieve may it be seen by millions of people. If we want to carry out a campaign with this type of resources, it is important that the words are clear, that they are in the management of all the people (or at least the clients and users we are addressing) and that they preferably round off the idea that we want to convey.

When creating it, it must be positive and always referring to something obvious; that is, to an idea that is accepted by all. Hashtags should be used universally accepted words, especially when they will be the “flag” of a digital marketing campaign, because in this way we ensure that it is a success. Remember that a hashtag can be very powerful and when creating it take into account that it is the slogan of your digital marketing campaign and that a large percentage of its success will depend on it.

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