16 KPI’S to measure your Content Marketing strategy

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16 KPI’S to measure your Content Marketing strategy

Otherwise, how can you tell if your strategies are working? Does your content like or attract your audience? Do you need to make changes or improvements? Content us mobile number sample KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) , indicators that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your content, will help you answer these and many other questionsBut, it is necessary to prioritize the metrics that you are going to measure according to your objectives. This way you will get adequate answers, either in measuring the results of your website, social networks or in your email campaigns.For this reason, we will tell you what each metric is specifically for and how it can help you measure whether or not you are achieving your goals, according to your content strategy. This way you can make wise decisions, such as adding or removing certain content that is not relevant to your target audience.That is, how many users did a search, saw your page, and clicked on it.
This is one of the most important indicators since it also allows you to know what the most relevant content is, from an SEO point of view. So you can take it into account when developing your content strategy.

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Time on pageIt lets you know the average time users spend on your website. The more time they  gulf email list  spend on your page, it means that your content is relevant to them.
On the contrary, if they spend very little time on your site, it means that they cannot find what they arlooking for, the loading time is very long or other factors that would be worth analyzing.
New and returning usersA recurring user is someone who has already seen your website before and decides to come back. On the contrary, the new user does not know your website before, but came to it thanks to the keywords in which you are positioning yourself (generic, long tail and more).
As important as knowing how many new users come to the web, is how many people return, since the most likely thing is that they are interested in your content. In this way, you can find the best ways to keep your audience interested. Also called backlinks, they are links that your website receives from other websites. This indicator shows you how many pages have taken your content as a reference to mention and link to an article on your blog, for example. The more backlinks you have, the greater the likelihood of your content going viral and getting more recognition in search engines. Bounce rate
With this indicator you will be able to discover the percentage of users who came to your website and left it immediately. This can happen for different reasons such as: poor web design, navigation difficulty or irrelevant content for the user.

If the bounce rate on your page is very high, it means that something is wrong and you should take the time to find out what it is. This way you can make the necessary changes and / or improvements to minimize the bounce rate.It allows you to know the number of pages on your website that a person visits during a session. This way you will be able to know when your internal links are working, and if the content of your page is interesting for your audience. The more pages they visit, it means that they are consuming different content in a single sessionIt means Click-through rate and translated into Spanish, it is basically the percentage of users who clicked on a certain ad. The higher your CTR, the more relevant, and of quality, your ad / campaign is being.
To determine the CTR you need to know the number of clicks and divide it by the number of impressions. So if you generated 30 clicks and your ad was shown 300 times, you have a CTR of 10%. In content marketing the CRT allows you to measure how efficient your content is in relation to a specific keyword, this can be checked in Google Search Console.New leads generated
This metric is very important if you want to know how many new people have been interested in your brand, products and / or services. Leads are those users who have left their data on your website, also considered potential customers, since they show their interest in maintaining contact with your brand or consuming your product and / or service. The great thing is that if it is possible to generate leads with content marketing , it is more according to statistics, 90% of all marketers use content marketing to generate leads.
Traffic sourcesIf you want to know which channels are best suited to distribute your content, pay attention to this indicator. Since it allows you to know the path that a user traveled to get to your website. That is, if it came directly with the URL, it came from another website, from a social network or simply by search engine results.

It is a good indicator to know what the people of your brand are saying, opinions about your content and if they take you into account in their publications. The more they tag you, or tag a specific campaign or event of your brand, the more committed they are to it.But beware! It could also be that your product or service is causing some discomfort or discomfort.
Therefore, you should not only know the number of mentions, but also their quality. This is essential when it comes to managing your reputation on social networks. The actions refer to the interaction of users with your content, these can be: complete a registration questionnaire, download some content, leave comments, among others. This allows you to analyze whether or not your content strategies are succeeding on social media. Each action allows you to know the relevance of your content from different points:
It allows you to discover what type of content generates the most engagement. And therefore, what content is appropriate to generate and maintain the interaction of your followers on social networks. Good content should generate interaction and, why not, debate. The worst thing that can happen to a publication is that users do not actively participate. More comments means that the content was interesting, useful or fun for your audienceThis is the easiest way to know if your audience is interested in the content you share or not. The more ‘likes’, the more successful your publication is. This way you can determine which songs to play more often and which others you could discard.
The number of shares
When someone shares your content, it means that it was useful to them and they think that it can also be for other people around them.

Also, the greater the number of times people share your posts, the more visibility for your page. And the best: organically! Now you can realize the importance of generating good, relevant and, above all, quality content.If you want to know the level of reception of your email campaigns, look at the opening rate, which indicates the percentage of emails that were opened according to which they were sent. Although, many times this can be somewhat misleading, since it does not assure us that the receiver has read the message. Be careful with thatAlso known as the Churn Rate, this indicator shows how many users have unsubscribed from your mailing list. That is, how many contacts are you losing in a given time. This can occur due to lack of interest in the content of the emails, excess emails or other reasons. Pay attentionWith this metric you will be able to know the efficiency of your email marketing campaign. Since, it shows you the number of people who have downloaded the email attachments. Be careful, this indicator only works if you invite users to download some type of content: brochure, ebook, questionnaire, among others. This indicator will allow you to know the number of times a user clicks on a button, link or call-to-action image, which will take them to some relevant content on your page, social networks or your blog post. For example, if you include more than one link (of different content) in the email, this metric will help you to know which was the most attractive to the public and, therefore, the one that was visited the most. Take this information into account. It will be very useful to know the interests of your audience and make decisions about your contentNow that you know what the most important metrics are depending on the medium you use, it’s time to start measuring your results. Remember that a strategy without analysis is like navigating without a compass, you cannot know where you are going and which way to go.

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