17 consejos de copywriting para hacer magia con tus contenidos

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17 consejos de copywriting para hacer magia con tus contenidos

Make your content magically irresistible For Mariano Cabrera L.84613
17-copywriting-tipsHas  Iceland Phone Number Listsomething like this ever happened to you?
You are there in front of your computer, with that wonderful idea for your next article. You write the first lines one, two, up to ten times, but something strange happens.
Something is missing. A “nosequé” that does not convince you.
The text seems cold, it feels strange, it is as if that wonderful idea that you have cannot express itself as you really want.Don’t worry, it has happened to all of us.
And possibly your problem is that you need to learn some tips on copywriting to make your texts have thatmagical feeling of capturing people, generating a unique and very particular connection.
And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you today.

What was Copywriting?
In case you don’t remember that it was copywriting remember that you can see my article: “What is copywriting and why should I use it
As a summary, I remind you that it is that ability to know how to write messages, articles or texts that really connect with the reader and motivate or persuade him to do something.
That something can be variable. From subscribing to your newsletter, buying a product or simply sharing your article on social networks.
Shall we start with the Copywriting tips?
The 17 Copywriting Tips
Tells a story
Everybody likes a good story.Why?
For the simple fact that we like a message to have an introduction, a middle and an end, this is something that we even learned in school.
What’s more, at the beginning of this article I used this technique.
Speak to the reader
This is quite a fun thing and you can feel the difference.
When Mclanfranconi.com was a finance blog called “Financial Intelligence” it treated the reader of ” YOU ”
Then I switched to Mclanfranconi.com and started writing with the ” YOU ”


Iceland Phone Number List

Currently I understood that people read alone on the internet and like to feel special, unique, so I write with ” YOU ”
Which one do you think worked best?
Correct!!! The last.
So learn, discover  gulf email list and try to understand who your reader is. Use a way to connect with him that is unique and particular.
Be positive
Did you notice that I was positive in the title instead of negative?
I explain:
The title of this point says “Be positive”, it does not say “Don’t be negative” because this option is just that, negative, it begins with a “No”
It’s the details that make the difference, but remember this.
Nobody likes negative people. A good Copywriter knows how to write positively.CLICK TO TWEET
So show that your way of writing is always positive and that it goes forward, not that it pushes back.

I think a typical example is the phrases within Paulo Coelho’s fan page, which are mostly normal, positive phrases, but with a great response from his users.Copywriting-tips-2Use the power of repetition
Use the power of repetition.
Use the power of repetition.
Use the power of repetition.
(Yeah, I was kidding)
Repetition is a fundamental tool in our lives.
I’m sure you will remember those times in school when you had to memorize a text for an oral exam and the best technique was to repeat it over and over and over and over again.
Repetition is key when it comes to strengthening a message because it will make people understand that what is repeated so much is because it has a high degree of importance.
So use this powerful advice in your articles or texts.
Use statistics
Statistics have a powerful effect on people because it helps them better gauge the magnitude of something.
For example, if I had to talk about which content manager (CMS) is better, instead of writing it, just a simple graphic could demonstrate it, as seen below:
Source: www.mongemalo.es
On the other hand, statistics are usually visual elements that help to break a bit with the text, thus creating a feeling that the article or text is more complete or richer in terms of “quality”

Organize your content
The way you help your reader understand what you want to communicate comes into play here.
Many blogs have only text, in large paragraphs, and just seeing that amount of text can put your client off.
Use different tools such as colors, use of titles, graphics, even the famous bullets
Do you want to know what the objective is?
Such which as I just did.
Avoid very long paragraphs
To explain this I love to use an exercise.
With a hand on your heart Do you think that the second text is more comfortable to read than the first?
As the saying goes:
So I think there is not much more to explain at this point.
Don’t write to show that you know
Many people write not for their readers, but rather to show that they are too professional.
In the end they end up using concepts, words and content so far-fetched that one has to go through a dictionary to understand something.
Be concrete, simple, clear and always try to explain everything in the easiest way for your readers.
Learn Copywriting techniques
There are many copywriting techniques or formulas (I’ll talk about them in the blog) that will help you prepare better texts.Some of them are:
AIDABefore, After, Bridge FAB (Features, Advantage, Benefits)4 “C”The 5 ObjectionsIn short, there are a few copywriting techniques that will help you better master your texts and be able to really convey what you want to communicate.
In my article on 20 copywriting formulas , I talk about these techniques that you can use RIGHT NOW.

Ask questions that answer “YES”
I’m sure you didn’t realize this, but all the questions in this article have a “YES” answer (or at least, more likely than a “NO”).You want to see them?
Here you have:Did something like this happen to you?
Shall we start with the Copywriting tips?
Did you notice that I was positive in the title instead of negative?
Remember?…Do you want to know what the objective is?
You want to see them?
Except for a title, the questions in the article seek to obtain a “YES” as answers.
This is a little psychology trick.
The more you get people to say yes, the more likely people are to say yes to some action later (Ex: Subscribe to your blog)
Sell ​​the benefitsAlways remember that what you are writing is focused on the reader and not on whatever you are selling.
People may appreciate the features of what we are offering, but what really hooks them is the profit.
The title of this article is: 17 copywriting tips to do magic with your content
Do you want to know the benefit? (See? Another positive question)
That’s really what gets you hooked and is eye-catching.
Make extensive content the right way
Usually long content (I mean those that exceed 1,000 words) have good results, as long as they are done correctly.
If you write small paragraphs, highlight important information, use eye-catching language, and even lead your reader to the end, he will.
So if you plan to write a large article, remember to make it easy to digest.
Use powerful words
There are many powerful words that generate attention in people.
Use them.
Words like: Right now, Free, Limited, Don’t miss, Now, Learn, Discover, Incredible, etc.
It all depends on what you are writing about, but using these incredible and highly powerful words can help you a lot.

Share opinions, testimonials and evidence
If you are offering something, showing the opinions, testimonials or evidence of others can be essential.
Some time ago I wrote an article about whether or not it was possible to make money online through the PTC platform called PaidVerts. I also created a community on Facebook where more people enter little by little.
Why is it growing?
Simple, because one can enter the group and see the comments of others that they are doing well and this motivates them to try.
What’s more, I’m going to give you a test so you can see that I can even perhaps convince you.
The image that you will see below are the users who made the most money in the last 48 hours, just by seeing advertising.Copywriting-tips-4 Even the site challenges you to see what the 68,246 users earned in the last 48 hours!
Don’t you feel a “strange desire” to know more?
This is how tests, opinions or testimonials work.
Offer incentives Bloggers write many times out of passion, but also with a goal.
You may want to have more readers, so offer a free eBook when signing up for the newsletter.
You may want them to buy an online workshop of yours, then offer a hefty discount.
Maybe you want them to buy your book, then offer a free mini course with it.
Encourage your readers to do what you want, but with a good reason.
A very good example is the page of Vilma Nuñez , which just by entering, already invites you to register to receive SUPER CONTENT
Copywriting-tips-5 Aim for emotions If you really want your readers to do something, it would be best to target their emotions.
What’s more, I’m going to do that right now.
I’d like you to take a break and help me.

I have registered Mclanfranconi.com for the Educa 2015 awards in the category of best thematic marketing blog and I would really love for you to help me.
So I want to give you 3 reasons to do it:
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Because I know that you are a good person, that simple and that you know that one click will not change your life, but it could really change mine.
So will you help me?vote for mclanfranconi educa awards 2015
If you have already voted for the blog, leave your comment because I would really like to thank you personally.Focus on the title It really cost me a lot to understand it, but the title really represents a great percentage when it comes to attracting people.I’ve written really amazing articles (from my point of view) that didn’t get any hits because of their inconspicuous title.


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