19 real ads from the Mad Men era

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19 real ads from the Mad Men era

In all the courses, workshops and trainings that I give, at the time of the presentation I always recommend people to see the Mad Men series.
For those who did not see it, it is the golden age of advertising, back in the 60s and in the middle of Madison Avenue (hence the name Mad Men).
What is interesting about the series is that it shows us the creatives of the time facing challenges that today would be simple or even common. For example, at that time there was neither Photoshop, nor the internet to search for ideas, nor YouTube to see similar advertisements.
Even the advertising situations that go through in the series are first-time situations, by this Bahamas Phone Number List  I mean that they are situations of products that for the first time in history sought to communicate in a different way and were pioneers in advertising.Searching about Mad Men, I came across a great article from the famous Time magazine where they show a collection of 19 real advertisements from the Mad Men era. These ads appeared in Life magazine as far back as 1960 and they really are priceless.I invite you to travel back in time to see these 19 real ads from the Mad Men era and see the comparisons between them and what really happened in the chapters, since several of these brands appeared in the series. Volskwage (April 11, 1960)In the first season Don Draper appears with this advertisement from Life magazine saying that he does not know which he hates more, if the advertisement or the car. After a long discussion they are left with the text: “Love it or hate it, we’ve been talking about it for 15 minutes”

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19 real ads from the Mad Men Volkswagen era
Although Sterling Cooper  gulf email list (The agency in the Mad Men series) never had Coca Cola as a client, the brand did consider Don’s wife (Betty Draper) as a possible model for the brand, although she was later replaced by change for another model.
ne of Sterling Cooper’s clients in season 2 was Playtex, whose executives were envious of the ads with that sexy style that the Maidenform brand handled. Finally Sterling Cooper ends up creating a campaign that shows the two sexiest sides of a woman.
In season 2, Sterling Cooper goes after American Airlines as a potential customer, although he fails to do so. Although the speech is never shown, if any of the events that were going to be presented are mentioned
Lucky Strike is one of Sterling Cooper’s biggest clients throughout the series. For example, the pilot chapter begins with the agency’s challenge to communicate a product like cigarettes to a growing audience that was aware of the damage it did to health.As I mentioned earlier, Playtex is one of Sterling Cooper’s clients, although only part of the work being done for one of its divisions is shown. Playtex handled a product line of tampons, baby products and others.In season 3 of Mad Men, Sterling Cooper produced a trade for Patio Cola, which in 1963 would change its name to Diet Pepsi. In that commercial a famous singer sang “Bye, bye sugar” (Goodbye, goodbye sugar) alluding to the song “Bye, Bye birdie” (Goodbye, goodbye little bird). Both in the series and in reality, they handled this same style, including famous people.

As in Mad Men, where it was seen that Sterling Cooper always focused his airline advertisements on airplanes and travel, many companies of the time, such as Lufthansa, also sought that same vision in their advertisements. This ad is a clear example.Don Draper’s speech for Bethlehem Steel does so using an image of the Manhattan building with the phrase: “New York brought to you by Bethlehem Steel” (Bethlehem Steel brings you New York). In reality, the brand was not talking about steel itself, but about the things that could be made with steel.
Don Draper’s idea for the brand was to compare it with the mythical fight of Muhammed Ali vs Sonny Liston showing the brand as a champion for its durability. The brand actually used this theme in some parts of its ads, but as can be seen in the image, they also sought to see themselves as a modern, stylish, fashion element.Don, Peggy and the team gave Heinz a lot of ideas, a hard-to-please customer. From “Home is where Heinz comes from” to “Heinz, some things never change” or “Heinz, the only ketchup.” This actual Heinz ad is much less sentimental, using the family primarily to focus the product and even describing its varieties and duality.In the first episode of season 7, Don talks about Accutron under the phrase: “Accutron is not a time tool, it is a conversation tool”, suggesting that using this watch brand was something related to good looks. In reality, the brand always used the image of its watches and focused mainly on describing the technologyPhillip Morris is a fairly recurring brand on Mad Men, a brand that has a large market share, desired by many. In season 5, Peggy is asked to brainstorm ideas for a brand of women’s cigarettes and the company’s partners are in search of Commander, another brand of Phillip Morris. In this real ad, you can see how the message is focused on women and its pleasant taste is emphasized.When in season 6, Sterling Cooper goes after the Sunkist brand, Don pushes that they have to advertise on color television, as he believes that it is the most effective medium to advertise a brand in which his name is itself a color. This ad shows the importance of color in the brand, highlighting the colors of oranges and even opting for a red-haired model to generate a greater use of color.

During one of the seasons, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (This is how the agency ended up being called) intended to produce a commercial for the Honda brand of motorcycles, although they never ended up seeing a job on the brand. At that time, Honda actually sought to engage with an audience in a friendly and even pleasant way, just like its message.During the series, the result of a focus group (Focus Group) is that the best way to relate to potential Pond’s buyers was to play with the young women’s fantasy of getting married. In this advertisement for the brand in 1965 the brand shows something similar, although using a more mature woman (In this case a famous French model, mother and married). The choice of style shows maturity and elegance at the same time.When remembering the brand and its appearance in the series, many will surely remember the accident involving a lawn mower of the brand. You never really get to see the real work Sterling Cooper did for the Jonh Deere. The real ads of the brand were focused on showing people the time they would save, buying their lawn mowers.It shows in the series that Sterling Cooper & Partners work long and hard trying to secure Chevy’s business, but the company proves to be a difficult customer. This 1967 double page takes several points in one go. On the one hand it introduces the models of the following year (Looking for a young audience) and also to explain about the introduction of computers, put safety in the foreground and present its new feature: the seat belt Don tries to push the Heineken brand to reach suburban housewives by advertising in supermarkets, since they bought the beer that the men drank. However, at that time the brand was going the other way. The audience was men, but not only that. The model is wearing glasses (Intellectual), dressed as a businessman and wearing a wedding ring. Unlike the Chevrolet ad (which has a lot of text), this one is based on two concepts. The Heineken product is distinguished from the rest of its peers and on the other hand it is mentioned that it has a good taste.

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