20 Ads with cats as protagonists. The perfect formula?

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20 Ads with cats as protagonists. The perfect formula?

Apparently humanity has a strange soft spot for cats. Much has been said about the strange viral effect that kitties have, especially when it comes to sharing images of them on social networks.
There are even jokes that say that if a strategy in social networks does not work, then nothing  Russia Phone Number List better than to put the photo of a cute kitten and wait to see shares, likes and comments.And advertising is not far behind, there are many ads with cats as protagonists. Ads of all kinds from products for cats, even vacuum cleaners or advertisements that encourage not to smoke.


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For that reason I started looking for several ads with cats as protagonists that I liked and wanted to share with you.
20 commercials with #cats as protagonists.CLICK TO TWEET
Let’s see then, those ads  gulf email list with cats, which will surely generate a lot of virality, smiles, comments and I like it.
So remember, don’t try to resist and share this cute, furry, purring article with your friends.

Image: Ads Of The World
I hope you liked these 20 ads with cats as protagonists and we will see if they have the famous viral effect that they claim to have.
If not, I will have to do another article, with ads with dogs instead of cats.

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