20 trends in the digital music industry and social media marketing

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20 trends in the digital music industry and social media marketing

All experts agree that 2014 will be a key year in the change of the music phone lithuania model in Spain. Numerous more established trends in the US, the UK or Japan have already made their appearance and, as the misgivings traditionally arouses in our country are overcome and the native digital generations take over, the ecosystem will change dramatically. .
The digital marketing agency specializing in music Woo Media has carried out a study in which it compiles the 20 key trends in music, digital technology and social media marketing that will mark the changing of the guard in the sector this year. These are, briefly explained:Discoverability: It is increasingly crucial to tag music clips with intelligent and dynamic metadata that favors the discovery of related artists, related sounds and complementary proposals.Music big data : Music recommendation programs that offer personalized proposals based on complex algorithms that assess the profile of the listener, their history of previous listening, the day and time, geographic location, weather … gain prominence.


Human filtering : The musical offer grows exponentially, so the screening is more necessary than ever. Electronic or social recommendation systems are not enough. The figure of a music curator who filters, selects and orders is becoming more and more fashionable. How do you gulf email list
hear it! In the middle of the digital revolution, the DJ and the radio announcer of all life have returned.
Multiplatform streaming : Music is gradually ceasing to be stored in the form of a digital file, let alone on physical media. Users will access their favorite playlists and themes, located in the cloud, from different devices.The CD, a souvenir : As streaming becomes the main source of music consumption, the physical disc tends to become a promotional gift, a collector’s item or a premium item.
Chip wristbands : The wristbands equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology are being imposed in festivals and outdoor events as a system of access and payment of drinks, but also to speed up the login in social networks, to share online and to engage to users in brand loyalty programs.
Crowdfunding : Crowdfunding will take hold and its success will increasingly depend on artists knowing how to reward the audience not only with the album or the ticket for the concert in question, but with real added value.Digital resale of tickets : No more selling the ticket to that concert that you can’t go to with a poster on the wall. The secondary market for tickets has grown and websites that connect buyers and sellers are proliferating, offering the maximum guarantees of payment and fast delivery.

Recognition : The times when you had a melody in your head but did not know the author are history. Software that recognizes songs and even hums is becoming more efficient and accessible.Music gaming : Mobile applications based on some type of musical game (drum or DJing simulators, virtual orchestral batons, etc.) are living a golden age.
ELearning apps : They will never replace a real flesh and blood teacher, but you can now learn to play the guitar, drums or keyboard with versatile interactive applications for mobile phones and tablets.
Smart eTicketing : The integration of streaming, geolocation and eCommerce technologies offers incredible opportunities to sell, from the same application, tickets to concerts located near the user based on their digital listening preferences.
Aftermovies : Why let the magic of the live show fade? The musical content that hits the most is the aftermovie, recording and editing a fleeting musical event to turn it into a lasting and transportable product.
My TV life : Musicians no longer need to appear on television, but can create their own. More and more artists show their daily life and work through regular video installments to satisfy the endless curiosity of their fansUser-generated content: The best video clip today is one that encourages fans to record their own version or even cruelly parody it on YouTube. Let them talk about you, even if it’s bad.
Direct : Broadcasting a live event on video is now easier and cheaper than ever. It will be customary to follow concerts on the Internet, in the same way that we watch football on TV. Is there a better way to promote them?

SoundCloud : It is the social network par excellence of music. It grows without stopping in number of users and in quality of content. The best gift from artists to their fans is to give them a mix or version of a song from time to time through this free platform.
Social media leads : As the world of social networks matures, they are increasingly conceived not only as spaces for conversation, but also to commercially identify potential buyers of your album or attendees of your concert.Live social media: The virtual conversation is already part of reality. What is happening on social networks is carried out in concerts or live events through screens.
Face to face : Interviews through Twitter will continue to hit hard, but Google Hangouts emerge as the ultimate technology for fans to talk face-to-face with artists.
Ibai Cereijo, director of Woo Media and an expert in digital marketing applied to music, has pointed out: “Music is not in crisis. Today it is, together with sport, the most important cultural phenomenon in the world, and it carries more weight than ever before in history. However, it is experiencing a process of accelerated evolution. The Internet and the digital world have drastically changed the way music is created, promoted, distributed and consumed, sweeping away classical institutions and eliminating intermediaries that do not add value.“The irruption of digital technology is extraordinary news for music. It is true that we are living in a time of transition in which business models are immature and there are uncertainties about which formats will prevail. However, it is clear that talent today has more avenues of expression than ever to develop and successfully reach the public, if they know how to do it ”, Cereijo concluded.

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