2020, a year of challenges overcome for the Labelium team

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2020, a year of challenges overcome for the Labelium team

We are almost, almost, in the minutes of the 2020 discount and it is time to look back and review the intense year that we have lived at Labelium . How have we  uk phone number online handled that of being on the roller coaster of 2020 from within? Today the focus is on our team, which is already a family and is more digitized than ever.
2020 gave us the last face-to-face ‘team building’ event
We have to tell the truth. The physical distance shows. Nostalgia is there, especially when we remember team building getaways like our last joint trip to La Rioja . It was the beginning of the year and the coronavirus still sounded very far away, but we fulfilled: 2020 gave us a break and we were able to enjoy very funny moments in Logroño. Every year at Labelium we reserve a weekend of total disconnection to make pineapple outside the office . Despite the fact that each team is highly specialized in its area, there is always a common transversal work and, for projects to flow , cooperation is essential. And what better way to cultivate that good atmosphere than to shoot us with paintball guns , right?
The Labelium team did paintball as part of their team building in La Rioja
But it was not the only strategic activity we did. We also walked along Laurel Street –and we say strategic because we had to organize ourselves well to find a free place–, where we tasted their famous tapas , did a wine tasting and we flew ! Yes, we fly, because we get up at indecent hours to get in a hot air balloon and enjoy some amazing views.

The Labelium Spain team mounted on a BalloonConfinement arrived … and we entered ‘telework mode’Notlong after, SARS-CoV-2 took us out of the office and inaugurated the new stage of telework that lasts until today . At the end of February we stayed at home and, although we miss the good times at the office a lot (we encourage you to get to know it by visiting our profile on Welcome2theJungle ), Labelium has continued to work without a problem. In fact, we have not stopped launching new initiatives:
In May we inaugurated the #KnowledgeShots and, since then, we have been giving webinars with whom we want to share our knowledge at this key moment for the digitization of companies . In fact, if you want to keep an eye on new trainings, we usually announce them in advance on our LinkedIn profile : follow us so you don’t miss out on anything .
Borja Pesquera , Managing Director at Labelium Spain, participated in the # JUNTOSCONLAHOSTELERÍA initiative of the Coca-Cola Bartalent Lab with a live broadcast where he spoke about the importance of digitizing the hospitality business .
In May also, Marketing4ecommerce named Labelium as the second best SEM agency in Spain .
Internal communication has not suffered and we have continued to train between teams to keep up to date with new strategies , tools and changes with relevant repercussions for the digital world.
Oh, and we moved our joint meals every Friday to the digital realm with live meetings in which we disconnected connected . Of course, it is not the same as before the arrival of the coronavirus, but we really needed those moments!Labelium stays at home
Labelium Play was born, the division specialized in Audio, Video and Connected Television of Labelium Group

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The idea had already been brewing for months, but it was in 2020 that Labelium Play officially  gulf email list  saw the light of day , the new division of Labelium Group that helps advertisers accelerate their business within the digital audiovisual environment . Labelium Play arises almost in parallel with the momentum that the audiovisual digital scene has experienced this year , in order to centralize our expertise to carry out advertising campaigns on platforms as varied as YouTube, social networks , the Connected TV environment or the audio and podcast advertising . In this way, we make our knowledge available to both national and international brands that want to take advantage of the advertising efficiency offered by digital audiovisual media today. We started to collaborate with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation
In 2020, solidarity has also found its place on Labelium’s agenda because there are causes that deserve it . In May, we began our collaboration with the Unoentrecienmil Foundation , which seeks to eradicate childhood leukemia by supporting research into the type of cancer that most affects children with more resources.Its initiatives are aimed at financing research projects that develop more effective treatments against the disease. At Labelium, we manage your Google Ad Grants advertising account altruistically , to convey your message to a wider audience and to get society involved in this fight.The year that we are about to leave behind has made us live unique experiences that have strengthened us as a team. We have faced an unprecedented situation for both brands and platforms, but, as always, we have tried to get the best out of ourselves. Today we can say that we face 2021 with great strength and prepared for what it brings under its arm.

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