3 challenges currently facing community managers

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3 challenges currently facing community managers

Of the 7.5 billion inhabitants on the planet, 2.3 billion are users of social networks , according to data projected by Statista. Hence the relevance of social network in the strategies and therefore, of those who manage the profiles of the brands: the community managers . LinkedIn Paraguay Mobile Number List reported 405 thousand professionals are registered as community managers. CMs are key pieces in current strategies; However, their work is not easy, especially when they face challenges such as the following: It is not easy to get users to emit a positive message towards the brands in their official profiles, when it is achieved it is important for the brand, but even more is that the CM is proactive and takes advantage of interactions with negative overtones, turning them into positive ones. Paraguay Mobile Database

The clearest example is given by Netflix or Doritos, when consumers make complaints to them, they transform it into something that ends up being funny. Same case that of the CM of the candidate for the government of the State of Mexico, Juan Zepeda , who made the response to a user viral. They asked him if in the case of voting for him, he would prevent Thanos from stealing the infinity gems. The presumed response of the Brother Cell Phone List candidate was: “the Marvel universe is not in the jurisdiction of the state of Mexico, but if the Avengers ask us for support, without a doubt we will have the State Police.” Due to the inherent immediacy of the medium, social networks have become a canvas that exhibits errors of community managers who turn against the brand. It is a challenge to maintain the perfection that publications require in an effective strategy.

The CM faces a medium that requires it to be attentive one hundred percent in what it publishes. Community managers are forced to get on top of social media trends, to the point that posts are forced. Strategists sometimes do not understand that if the trend is not related to the product or service being promoted, it can be counterproductive. Let’s remember what happened to Paulina Rubio’s community manager, when she used # PAU2015, believing it was the singer; however, the subject alluded to PAU, University Access Test. If it was a strategy, it was unsuccessful, because the teasing did not make the singer clumsy.

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