3 steps to improve the relationship between marketing and sales

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3 steps to improve the relationship between marketing and sales

The SLA process, or agreement between the marketing and sales teams, involves evaluating what is working between the two teams and what can actually be improved.Taking into account that this process aims to improve phone number details with name usa results, it is important that there is a regular follow-up, where the sales team can give feedback on the status of the leads and opportunities generated by Marketing.In this post, we will show you 3 steps to improve the relationship between marketing and sales, based on this type of agreement negotiation cycle, making the two teams work more collaboratively.- Share information throughout the processThroughout the process of delivering marketing leads for sales it is necessary for people to share key information so that the other team can work better.For this reason, at the beginning of the process it is important that the marketing team deliver the important information from the Lead that helps the sale, such as the conversion history, emails received and opened, etc.

Similarly, in the middle and end of the process, the sales team must give an answer about what has happened with those leads, such as which of the leads became customers, which are still in negotiation, etc. Regular meetings between marketing and sales
After the information has been shared, the next step is to set up meetings with a certain frequency. The objective of these meetings is to encourage communication and collaboration between teams.We recommend that these meetings be held at least once a monthThe first thing to be done is to discuss in a more qualitative way the most recent results of the marketing and sales teams and what the next challenges will beThen the sales team should take a feedback on the quality of the leads they are receiving and discuss what can be done to improve. This is essential for marketing to understand where it should best focus.For example: salespeople perceive that negotiating with companies in the technology sector is usually easier and faster. In that case, when they give that feedback for marketing, it can be more assertive to direct efforts and investments to attract more companies in that sector.Finally, the meetings also serve to review the agreement made between marketing and sales. Be it in the amount of leads, opportunities that are being generated or even the evaluation criteria of the leads- Research the best channels
The last step to improve the relationship is under the responsibility of marketing. The objective of this step is to investigate which are the cheapest acquisition channels and which generate better customers.This is done in two ways: the first is through meetings with the sales team that already provide more qualitative information. The second is through data analysis and is performed in a more quantitative way.

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To do this analysis it is necessary to collect some data such asTo facilitate the analysis¬† gulf email list and visualization of the data, we recommend including it in a comparative worksheet.In RD Station Marketing , RD Station’s marketing automation software , it is possible to view a report that shows a current overview of the company, including number of visitors, leads and customers per channel, as well as their conversion rates.After having this data and information delivered by the sales team, the marketing team can focus its efforts on the best acquisition channelsIn practice, the main results of a better relationship between marketing and sales are: more aligned teams, better acquisition channels and better leads and customers.

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