3 trends that will define digital marketing in the coming years

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3 trends that will define digital marketing in the coming years

2016 was a year of major changes at the social level, for a moment consumers put aside their obsession with technology and replaced it with a new focus on politics. But 2017 promises greater consumer restraint and a return to accelerated business growth from technology. A recent example of this phenomenon is Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods and the executive-level shakeup at Uber. The two pieces of news caught the media by surprise and have become a major issue above the political news of the American Union. The tone in digital marketing will leave the social terrain and will move in an Armenia Mobile Number List important way to the generation of content and the connection of platforms. In social networks, the game is not owning the hashtag or the community, the new strategy is the creation of supra platforms that are larger than traditional channels. Social media structures have outgrown the aspirations of brands. The control that Twitter, Facebook, Snap or Instagram has over the destination of marketing strategies is extremely important. In addition, the level of opacity in the process in which social networks control brand communities is high, brands do not always know how and when a Facebook policy can reduce influence within a community. The creation of supra platforms is the logical step for larger brands, an example of this phenomenon is CNN, the medium has invested significantly in creating a strategy that places them above the same cable companies that were previously their distributors. Armenia Mobile Number List

Companies must create platforms that are above the networks and that additionally are capable of connecting the message in a concerted and congruent way in all of them. The users of Facebook, Twitter, Snap or Slack are not necessarily the same, that is, each network may have a very different market segment. Brands must create supra platforms that ensure that the message is a concert on all networks but that it is not necessarily the same. It is an orchestral work in which different instruments will make the brand’s symphony stronger than each of the parts. Data based marketing is the new trend that will Brother Cell Phone List irreparably change marketing. It is not only about using market research, that is already the norm in the industry, now the trend is making decisions with real-time data. For example, a few years ago it was interesting to have access to the historical archives of Twitter, today 30 days is more than enough. Data based marketing will have a greater influence on day-to-day marketing as it connects with websites and customer service models. Again the best example is Amazon, based on local user searches on the internet, the company will potentially be able to change the physical inventory in Whole Foods stores. To a lesser extent this happens with car companies,

In the near future, physical devices connected to the Internet will make the phenomenon more important. Voice-activated speakers from Amazon, Google, and now Apple will become an almost inexhaustible source of insights and action for consumers. Brands that are not capable of creating supra platforms will be relegated to the shares of these three technology companies. The consumer will be the one who receives the greatest benefit but in the long term will see their privacy diminished. This term seems to me the most appropriate to describe the future situation of digital marketing. Consumers are increasingly able to access the benefits of a product or service without going through third parties. An obvious example is personal transportation, today it is easier to call a Cabify than to go to the taxi site.

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