4 strategies to improve online B2B sales

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4 strategies to improve online B2B sales

B2B customer purchasing processes have always been characterized by their complexity, their specialization and the high number of profiles involved in decision-making. Traditionally, physical encounters have played a key role in B2B sales, but the pandemic has definitely driven digitization . In fact, according to Forrester data , 42% of B2B purchases were made online in 2020 . How to improve B2B sales from the online ecosystem?keys to reorient the digital buy call lists strategy and achieve more B2B sales
After having experienced the digital acceleration of 2020, it is time to accompany the new B2B customer. We highlight some key tactics: Put the customer experience at the center of the digital strategy
The B2B customer usually begins the journey in search of solutions on their own and anonymously . From a marketing point of view, the digital assets of B2B brands play a crucial role : they will not close the sale because commercial work is irreplaceable, but they do open the door for the customer to learn and find the solution they need .The situation generated by the pandemic has drawn new buyer’s journeys and unusual behaviors on the part of B2B users, which are already integrated into the new normal. For example, 57% of those surveyed in the Adobe 2021 Digital Trends Report said they had seen very strong growth in new customers through the brand’s digital ecosystem .

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To achieve this new user profile, B2B brands must not only study in depth the changes¬† gulf email list¬† produced in the Buyer’s Journey, but also adapt the online experience to these changes and enable the necessary technology to accompany the customer. Username. For example, according to Forrester predictions for 2021, more than a third of B2B users consider chatbots and live chats to be a very relevant tool in their buyer’s journeys.Digitization has profoundly changed traditional B2B sales
2. Innovate in the creation of quality content including new formats and perspectives
According to a Showpad study , B2B users spend an average of 20 hours researching solutions and vendors before contacting a salesperson , so product information on the web is crucial at that initial moment. In addition, almost half say that having a website with useful and personalized content is essential .Therefore, the focus of the content marketing strategy and the quality of the pieces are essential to channel B2B sales. As in the case of B2C marketing, audiovisual formats have made their way to B2B marketing, especially in the form of webinars or live broadcasts . Product / service comparisons with those offered by competitors and information on sustainability are also very useful , since it is an aspect that is increasingly valued by customers.. Establish the link between data and marketing actions
Data by itself has no value, but it is the knowledge that is extracted from it that really makes the difference. Many B2B brands suffer from operating with silos of data , that is, their business systems work divided and it is not always easy to implement effective information flows that allow access to a global vision .

In this context, the data management strategy focuses on obtaining quality insights by unifying data sources. The benefits of executing this effort in B2B environments are numerous, as it helps you make your marketing investments smarter , measure the performance of each channel accurately, and stay ahead of the competition by having relevant information more quickly. Position empathy as a key value in B2B sales processes When thinking about B2B marketing, what is the first color that comes to mind? What is gray? Exactly. The technical terms, dry presentations, and flat design so common in these types of businesses have stripped many B2B brands of excitement . However, empathy is one of the strengths in any B2B sales process .
When users reach the brand, many times they have started the purchase process anonymously and looking for products or solutions but, even so, they want the company to know who they are, what they do and what their main objectives and needs are because From that empathy a relationship of trust is born with which they feel identified . Therefore, personalization in interactions with the brand , even if there is automation involved, must take into account the Buyer Persona and the moment each type of user is.
Empathy with the customer is crucial in the context of B2B sales
A new generation of users leads B2B sales
For this new generation of B2B clients , autonomy in the supplier search and selection process is an established ritual in which online inquiries are combined with recommendations from other colleagues in the sector and through word of mouth.

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