40 years after Star Wars: we see the trailer … full of nostalgia

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40 years after Star Wars: we see the trailer … full of nostalgia

mes, clothing, footwear and collectibles continue to be generated , even motivating new reboots, remakes, and Spin-offs that sometimes manage to leave a pleasant impression on the fans. And, without a doubt, Star Wars is probably the most successful film franchise , also the Spain Mobile Number List one that has aroused the greatest loyalty from its audience, since it has conquered several generations and, over time, has managed to adapt to changes in the film industry. entertainment. This Thursday the day arrived, it is 40 years since the first time that the saga created by George Lucas reached theaters , that is, on May 25, 1977, ‘ Star Wars: A New Hope’ was released. Spain Mobile Number List

The anniversary could not be missed and the conversation on social networks is already very active, on Twitter alone there are more than 46 thousand tweets related to the hashtag # StarWars40th, to which some brands and media are added. From Disney, the house that Lucasfilm bought Brother Cell Phone List in 2012 in an agreement valued at 4 billion dollars, they could not ignore it either, so they shared this morning a trailer for ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ , the film that sowed the seed of the deep. engagement of this franchise. It is actually a video commemorating the premiere 40 years ago as a trailer. Unfortunately, we have to say, it is not as spectacular as it is today, but Star Wars lovers will certainly see a lot of nostalgia.

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