5 actions that will destroy your digital marketing strategy

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5 actions that will destroy your digital marketing strategy

Every marketing strategist looks for their actions to lead a brand to success. I don’t know many people who wish for failure; however, like other areas of life, we are subject to internal boycotts. These small or large actions that, knowing that they affect, we let them pass. This Albania Mobile Number List phenomenon is extremely common in digital marketing , a discipline that lives on attention to detail and demands – like few others – a very high level of discipline. The lack of self-criticism is a core part of errors in digital marketing, reviewing the path traveled with a demanding eye will always help increase efficiency and effectiveness. Errors are not always obvious and, as we mentioned, they are linked to a phenomenon of inattention. Albania Mobile Number List

Using tools like Google Link Builder make the difference when looking for success and measuring the effectiveness of each action. This tool has been in the market for a long time and despite being quite well known, many forget the discipline of creating a following for each link of your digital marketing effort . Each banner, promotion and sending of email marketing should have a campaign link with parameters that allow you to see the results in real time within google analytics. Checking the performance of your server is a key issue but the end consumer experience is much more important. Check the load time of your end users with tools like Pingdom that will quickly give you an idea of ​​the position of your page in the browsers of your readers or consumers. The average loading time says very little, it is essential to observe the behavior on mobiles and different browsers. It is also useful to check the loading time geographically.

To improve a digital marketing action, it is essential to measure the impact. For that there are a significant number of analytics tools, from KissMetrics to Google Analytics. But they are of little use if the marketing area does not consult them. Another phenomenon is reviewing data in a Keynote presentation. The greatest value of data in analytics is being able Brother Cell Phone List to make crossovers from the questions that arise in a meeting, static data is a thing of the past. Marketing teams should be adept at using google analytics — at least — there is no excuse, there are free tutorials. The success of the internet has been built from free tools, they are an indispensable part of the way in which digital marketing is done. However, for medium and large brands it is a bad idea to rely on data and insights from tools that are – by their free nature – limited in scope. For example, the free social listening tools use small statistical samples from the free Twitter or Facebook APIs, in that sense they deliver truly limited data. Another downside is that your competitors probably have access to similar data, so it’s impossible to establish a competitive advantage.

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