5 benefits that Facebook Live brings to your brand that you should know

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5 benefits that Facebook Live brings to your brand that you should know

One of the ways brands seek to engage with potential consumers is through live broadcasts. After the decline of Periscope, brands are starting to use Facebook Live. According to Tech Crunch, although they are tools known to all, some brands are unaware of the scope that Facebook China Mobile Number List Live would give them, but it has advantages over the use of instant branded content, among which the following stand out: Provide unique content. In late 2011, Snapchat emerged as something entirely new, offering live video sharing. Since then, Periscope and Meerkat have developed live content. And is that 81 percent of internet users saw more live streaming content during 2016 than years before, that is, the audience is there, so Facebook Live will provide an instant and real-time source of content for users. viewers. Live broadcasts have the advantage of providing content without editing or filtering, however, it does not mean that brands should start a live video without an action plan. China Mobile Number List

It is a profitable video strategy. Facebook Live does not require large budgets, since users enjoy unedited videos, so only a cell phone will be necessary. The platform should not be used for every type of visual content on the company website, but for more established goals, albeit in a natural way. Create more excitement around the products. Facebook Live can be used for special events, but not for everything, because live videos are raw and often unedited, which means that the viewer will not always wait. To do this, brands must use that same emotion to evoke excitement around a new product or service. The consistent and ritualistic experience of the new live videos will excite and encourage users to come back for more.

Connect with the brand’s audience. One of the advantages of Facebook Live is the personal approach to the content, as many brands use it as a quick question and answer session without all the big production behind the content. Additionally, 90 percent of millennials find it fun to Brother Cell Phone List answer questions from social media or Facebook Live. Drive more traffic to Facebook pages. Facebook Live is a true source of traffic to the company or brand page. Live videos drive engagement more. And it is that the videos of the platform can handle 10 times more comments due to the connection in real time. To do this, it is recommended to continually publish new and updated content, so the more you are able to attract users, the more likely it is that you will create a source of traffic to your Facebook pages.

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