5 best content ideas for a business blog

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5 best content ideas for a business blog

Every day, hour and minute, different companies worldwide take the next step and create a corporate blog. The intention is clear: create a community.  active us phone numbers However, there will come a time when you ask yourself, what kind of content should I upload? Will this idea I have in mind work?Faced with this situation, we will analyze how it is possible to generate content ideas for a business blog, as well as post some ideas that will definitely help you position yourself better on the internet.
Generating content ideas doesn’t happen overnight. The first step is planning your ideas. A corporate blog will not work if the content strategy is not taken into account and the following questions are answered: Who are you addressing? What are you looking to achieve? How to measure the results? The road to the top will not be easy, but your business blog will work by doing the following:Keywords are the central axis of an article and / or any writing that is made on your business blog. To help you define the essential keywords that will help you rank in the first Google search results, you can consider the following tools:When it comes to having ideas to create content, it is very important to take into account their search intention, since you may have an idea in mind but that your audience looks for another approach to that same topic, which will cause your article do not position.
To check the search intention of the keywords that you have in mind, you must search incognito for those keywords in Google (or in the search engine where we want to position), the first articles you find will provide you with the necessary information to know what your audience expects from that search .

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Semrush : This payment tool is one of the most used by international companies.  gulf email list Its operation is based mainly on working hand in hand with SEO, that is, web positioning.
With Semrush you will not only be able to develop the best content idea strategies. As it is a premium tool, it will also be useful to detect and analyze what type of keywords (keywords) the competition uses, as well as to know what the organic traffic of your competitors is.
On the other hand, Semrush has an option called “Topic Research”. With it you can guide you what type of content or keywords you could use in order to develop quality content.
Answer the Public: This free tool collects information about a keyword to give users a solution. For this, the tool collects everything that people have been looking for in the search engine and chooses the most used words. In addition to this, you can also download graphics or export data in .csv format. to analyze carefully. The free version will allow you to do limited daily searches.
You will have the option of a premium version that will cost $ 99 per month. If you opt for it, you will have advantages such as: unlimited searches, compare data and receive suggestions, results based on places and languages, high resolution images, save your reports and prioritize customer service.
Ubersuggest: With this tool you get very interesting results. Starting with the fact that when placing the keyword, the associated “long tail” will be displayed, that is, other words or phrases that people place when placing the keyword. n the other hand, it lets us see search volumes, approximately how much competition we have in organic search and paid search, as well as the top 100 URLs that rank for the keyword when searching on Google.Social media is one of the main conversation points where you can grab the best content ideas. Of course, each social network has its own audience, so it is good to classify them:
Twitter: The social network known for its immediacy. Here you will find the topics that are being talked about in areas close to you or even abroad. This is thanks to the use of hashtags that people use, so you should be aware of using them to get attention.
Linkedin: Known as the social network where professional relationships are established. Here you can not only develop a large community of followers; You can also make good contacts who handle the same issues as you and develop ambitious projects together.
Pinterest: Here you will mainly find images and photographs from different creators that will give you good inspiration .With more than 200 million active users, one of the best uses that companies make of this social network is to share ideas by developing pins – the name used on Pinterest for images – that attract attention. It will also be important to use keywords and put the correct hashtags.

When creating content for your website. It is very important that you never copy the text of other people, unless it is the phrase of someone who helps you to complement the idea.Take advantage of all your creativity looking for what would be the most attractive title for an article. Many times it helps to put yourself in the position of the client and ask ourselves how we would search for a certain topic on Google.Likewise, images also play an important role in your writing. The reader will not like to see an article with pure text and no complementary images that keep him attentive to the topic you are talking about. To do this, you can use some tools to create visual content , which have the option of creating infographics, interactive images, among others. Also known as “guest blogging”. The search for collaborators is a fairly common practice and it helps to freshen up your blog. Giving a voice to people who dominate the topics you speak allows you to create a diversity of authors and thus have different points of view on a particular topic.Even your own followers could end up becoming contributors to your blog. As long as they conform to the values ​​of your company and that they know how to communicate well with the publicAnalyzing your own site will give you guidelines and ideas towards where you can guide the topics you are going to deal with. One of the most used options in different blogs is to have connected Google Analytics. Thanks to this, you will be able to check how many and which profiles have visited your page; in addition to seeing the type of content they reviewed. And above all, the most important thing: see which publications have been the most successful and check their keywords.Tops allow you to gather a large amount of information in a single article and often serve as a guide for readers.The tops 10 can be applied to any theme. When writing, consider linking words to products or services you have, as well as other articles written that are related to the topic.

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