5 Digital content distribution strategies

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5 Digital content distribution strategies

In business management, there is the so-called “Pareto Law” or also known as the “80/20 Rule”. A widely used concept among marketers that talks about how they spend 20% of their time creating content and the remaining 80% promoting and sharing the contentThere are  cell phone numbers for sale different distribution channels for digital content, among which we can find social networks or websites. It will depend on you which are the right places where you feel that you will have a better presence.That said, the contents can be classified as follows: Seasonal contentsThis is how it is said to specific elements that touch current issues. One of its main disadvantages is that being something of the moment, its effectiveness is quickly lost.
Evergreen contentHere mention is made of information that will last forever and that it is very difficult for it to go out of style over time. Developing content in this category guarantees that it will be important at all times.of digital content distribution
Among the main advantages of establishing digital content distribution in your content marketing strategy is that it helps to improve the online positioning of your articles .On the other hand, the branding of the brand improves considerably, being able to reach a greater number of users. Likewise, we can segment the audience to which it will be directed and obtain more qualified traffic.

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Distribution channels serve as  gulf email list a means of transport by which we can take our content to people who may be interested in us or to a new audience that we want to attract.Next, we present the main channels where you can take your content and with which you will achieve the best results:
Being the most used distribution channels, it brings many advantages because they turn out to be effective when you seek to expand your brand. However, not all of them work the same, so you must properly analyze what their main characteristics are and adapt your content to each of these platformsNewsletters have been the evolution of traditional email marketing. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that they turn out to be less intrusive and appeal to an audience that is really interested in your brand.
By having the data of the users and that they have voluntarily subscribed, it will allow you to promote and promote different publications on your website in order to make certain content more noticeable.
Sharing quality content by distributing it through a blog on a website has become one of the most widely used methods today. Its main advantage is that it captures traffic to the site much better, helps its positioning and creates trust in the user.

This is how advertising is said to go unnoticed because it adapts in form and functionality to the site where it appears. Thanks to this, a greater impact on users is achieved since, like newsletters, they are less intrusive.Among the most used formats within native advertising are:
Branded Content: The publication or creation of content by third parties about your company.
Native Display ads: Promotional ads classified as promotional content that has been adapted to the page where they are displayed.Content Ads: Content paid for by your brand that will appear as suggested reading in editorials or blogs. Distribution of earned content
Here it refers to when influencers or bloggers share your content with their followers. In this way, we can give an example of things like;
Use the promotion tools of publication on Instagram or Facebook, automatically your content is part of this category. Your content will be the same. However, you depend on other distribution channels that you pay for so that you can share it with other users.You can also decide who your content points to, as well as how much money you plan to spend on it. Content distribution strategies
Are you ready to distribute content on different channels? Before doing so, pay attention to the following Before you start uploading content to your website. The first thing you should do is organize by sections so that users who visit your page can navigate with ease.

Then you could create organic landing pages for each content you want. To do this, you will use a call-to-action (call to action), limited fields -such as the company’s corporate email- and a form at the top of the page to ensure more conversions. Social networks have become the perfect place to publish and promote your content. To be successful on these platforms, the essential thing is to know who your target audience is. Marketers recommend developing suitable material in order to educate potential and existing customers so that they are prepared to make a decision when making a purchase. Paid and organic campaigns should be focused on promoting valuable content such as e-books, seminars, or fact sheets. Podcasts have already received a lot of attention for years. A trend that has resurfaced again and that represents an important movement for many companies to make themselves known and present valuable content.Currently, there are different content platforms where you can promote your audio. Among the most used are Spotify , Ivoox and Apple Music. Haven’t started your own podcast yet? It’s time for you to get on the train!Using infographics turn out to be attractive because they are easily consumed and shared. In order to develop one, you must first collect the data and organize it in an ingenious way. Just remember that the information you share should be valuable and share it on your blog and / or social networks.One of the most traditional distribution methods that is currently being widely used. With email marketing you can get your content to people who have registered on your blog or website. Therefore, the best content you have should be included in this email marketing and you will see how the traffic of people increases with the passing of the days. It will also help to collaborate with brands and create newsletters via email in order to establish relationships with companies and help make your brand more visible.

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