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It is a series that after six seasons continues to raise passions and revolutionize the world with its characters and the drift of their stories. With so many deaths, the characters that are still alive are very marked and our feelings towards them range from the most sincere hatred to the most passionate love.And, those of us who are dedicated to marketing, we can learn a lot from the characters. Especially, we can (and should) apply the character of these 5 Game of Thrones characters to make the best how do i find a phone number in germany Tyrion lannisterThe greatest strength of this character, who suffers from dwarfism, is his intelligence. So Tyron spends time reading, studying, observing, and reflecting. We cannot lose this facet of continuing to train and reflect on what happens to digital marketing. Being smart is key to designing good strategies that work.GAME OF THRONES. CERSEI LANNISTER: AMBITIOUS AND PERSISTENT
Cersei lannisterCersei arouses many misgivings and hatred for the role she plays in the series, but it is inevitable to recognize the merit she has for her ambition and persistence to achieve power. Without actually killing anyone, it is essential that we work towards our goals with the same persistence and not give up if things don’t go right the first time. It may just be necessary to draw up a new plan. I repeat, without killing anyone.

Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, is very clear about what she is worth in this world for her blood heir to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms and for having three dragons. He keeps this in mind and brings it up when necessary. Perhaps none of us have dragons, but each one of us, or the companies we work for, have weapons, an added value, that we have to reinforce and extract to show everyone our worth.LORD VARYS: NETWORK OF CONTACTS


Lord varysAlso known as “The Spider”, Lord Varys has created a network of contacts on both gulf email list  sides of the ocean, his little birds, who make him stay up to date on everything and be able to spread his messages. This factor is essential to be connected to other marketing professionals to know the news of this world and for this network to act as an influencer and spokesperson for what you have to say to the rest of the world.
Arya Stark
As small as she is dangerous, Arya Stark was involved in situations and stories very alien to the world she knew but never forgot who she was and what she wanted (to avenge her family, in this case). We also cannot stop remembering who we are as a company and what our vision is. Without this, we would end up being blind, without identity and making decisions in a random way.
Talents and skills that we need to promote to be the best digital consultants. We at Mediaclick already work to offer the best service to our clients . Do not be afraid to contact us, we do not aspire to rule the Seven Kingdoms, only to make your company better.

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