5 keys to the success of an ecommerce

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5 keys to the success of an ecommerce

Achieving ecommerce success can seem easy and inexpensive, especially when compared to the offline world. Being able to sell in electronic commerce is only achieved when you have good knowledge in digital marketing. The way to search, compare, buy … has changed. We have to renew ourselves!
Today I bring the five keys to the success of an ecommerce, thanks to the fantastic study on conversion in Spanish ecommerce by Flat101 . If all this still sounds like Chinese, I recommend that you value the option of training in digital marketing, begin to master SEO, Web Analytics, SEM, Email mobile phone numbers for sale UX, Inbound Marketing, RRSS, … The ICEMD Master of Digital Marketing can be a good start to start building on this knowledgeGreat traffic pickup
Getting traffic to our digital business at a reasonable CPC and CPL is probably the most important variable for the survival and growth of ecommerce. The general conversion rate of an ecommerce is 0.9% in 2017, so we will need significant traffic volumes to achieve our goals.


Knowing the different traffic gulf email list channels (Organic, Direct, Paid Search, Referral, Display …) as well as their structure (do they attend the conversion or do they convert?) And the comparison by device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) will help us decide better our strategy.User recurrence
When we have stabilized the costs of our traffic and we have focused it on conversion, we must work on the recurrence of users. If we analyze the segment of recurring users (they buy more than 3 times a year) we see that it is the most profitable by far. In addition, you have greater opportunities to recommend our brand or speak well of itWhen we find products or services that by their nature are not very recurring, we have to choose to improve the average value of the order . Use cross selling , up selling , discount coupons, deferred financing, free shipping, … These actions will make us more profitable traffic.Added value proposition (UVP)
The websites that have the highest profitability are coincidentally those that offer a differential added value proposition . Any digital marketing variable can have our added value; logistics, distribution, product availability, price, etcOne of the consequences of getting a UVP (in its acronym in English) is that we will start to get more organic and direct traffic , which translates into lower acquisition costs.

Data analytics and continuous CRO
Data is the oil of the digital world, it helps us make business decisions, but we must analyze it carefully. Data should offer us knowledge and that can only be achieved with good analytical work. On some occasions we can also support our offline decisions with this information.On the other hand, Customer Rate Optimization (CRO) should be our premise when we talk about electronic commerce. Conversion is our # 1 goal. When we know the conversion structure per device, we can perform different strategies per device. In desktop and tablet it becomes much more than the mobile, however, mobile visits are growing every day which is a problem,… what do we doApp development
With the smartphone subtracting visits to traditional devices and with a low conversion, we are forced to develop environments with a more user-friendly interface with these devices; mobile applications.Apps are the future, but there are also other solutions such as progressive web apps or instant apps, which allow us to provide an experience adapted to the mobile with innovative features. In this field we must always take into account the User Experience (UX) of the userIn short, what the digital world demands of us is to always be at the foot of the canyon, renewing ourselves, learning and trying new things. Static jobs are ceasing to exist in the digital world, which can pose a threat or an opportunity , what does it mean for you?

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