5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From House of Cards

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5 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From House of Cards

The Netflix original series, House of Cards is premiering with its fifth season, a fact that has awakened all the fans of the presidential couple Frank and Claire Underwood, in Mexico it is a trend from very early, for example. And why not, it is positioned among the ten most viewed series in Mexican territory through video on demand services (SVOD), with an New Zealand Mobile Number List average of 1.86 million expressions of demand, according to a study carried out by Parrot Analytics. But their engagement is not only in Mexico, it also has great reach in the United States (naturally) as well as in South America and other regions. In fact, one of its qualities is that it has been able to execute marketing actions that have appealed to reality (directly or indirectly) but with the intelligence to bring them to its world. New-Zealand Mobile Database

For this fifth season they made the announcement of their return precisely on the same day (January 20) that Donald Trump became president of the United States, something that not only stole spotlights from the formal ceremony, but also demonstrated the power of timing and engagement by House of Cards. In fact, it did this on more than one occasion during the campaigns and debates. It is always a cliché for politicians to say that they govern because the people do not know what they want and, although it is a resource that has already been used in films in the United States, Frank Underwood has Brother Cell Phone List been able to hit American pride on several occasions: “The American people don’t know what’s best for them… I do. ” Anyone who has seen a chapter of House of Cards has noticed the large amount of product placement in the series, the same we see a lot of Apple devices (iPhone, MacBook, etc) that watches, computers, cars and other products of other brands. But it is not the only one, according to a study carried out by the Conceve Brand Tracking agency, there are more than a hundred brands in each of the seasons, including: Chevrolet, Washington Nationals, Avaya, Blackberry, Cartier, Dell, Samsung and Rolex .

On several occasions, his marketing actions are directed in a direct message to the public, such as the “special request” that Stamper made to fans prior to the fourth season in which he asks them not to make spoilers or “he will invite them to take a ride his truck ” . We know that they know how to play politics in the United States, in fact Frank Underwood had higher popularity levels than Barack Obama , and he has taken advantage of Donald Trump, but this has been applied with perfect timing in other markets. What better examples than Mexico and the famous # HashtagCampaña or its wise dialogue with the presidency in Argentina. There’s a lot to learn from House of Cards, the first SVOD series to win an Emmy Award in 2013 and which took home a Grand Prix in the Integrated category at the Cannes Lions festival last year. His ingenuity even manifests itself by sabotaging Frank Underwood’s campaign billboards, but with a protest that is symbolic of HOC. See this:

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