5 strategies that you can apply for a Cyber

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5 strategies that you can apply for a Cyber

Although it is necessary for your brand to have a sufficiently attractive platform to attract new users, the truth is that other tools will also be needed so that it can be sustained on special days such as CYBER WOW, special  usa full phone number events where the number of visitors grows. exponentially.The Peruvian user is quite particular as a digital consumer. According to Mercado Libre, during the eight days that the first Cyber ​​Fest of 2021 lasted, 75% of users searched for products through a smartphone , while only 25% did so through a computer . Regarding the user profile, it was discovered that men and women between the ages of 20 and 45 preferred to use their credit and debit card as a payment method.
In Peru, as in other countries, special days are held such as the event held by Mercado Negro where people take advantage of making purchases due to the large discounts. Next, we will detail the most important Cyber ​​dates inOrganized by the Lima Chamber of Commerce, this is one of the most important campaigns where different Peruvian companies that have an e-commerce participate. In a year, 3 different editions are made. In general, they usually occur in the months of April, July and November.One of the most respected aspects of the Cyber ​​Days is that both the CCL and the companies that participate, guarantee their customers a good shopping experience that is practical and safe.Developed by IAB Peru. This day is known as an online sales event with significant discounts. The main idea behind this campaign is that companies that have an e-commerce promote online shopping in Peru.
Like the Cyber ​​Days. The Cyber ​​Wow takes place in the month of April for 3 days . Among the main participating companies are companies such as Mercado Libre, Linio and La Curacao.
Cyber ​​Monday was born in the United States in 2005, celebrated one day after Thanksgiving. Different countries, including Peru, followed that tradition by launching at the end of November .

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The difference compared to the previous points is that Cyber ​​Monday is only celebrated gulf email list  one day, highlighting that digital businesses are betting on much more aggressive offers so that people feel more motivated.
The Black Friday campaign is usually given in November and like Cyber ​​Monday. Its origin is from the United States. In that country alone, it is estimated that up to $ 10 billion is spent each year on Black Friday.
his event appeared as a surprise in Peru and hit the market perfectly. For the edition that took place in 2014, there were already 150 stores participating. This 2021, a high support of electronic commerce is foreseen as a result of the pandemic by covid-19.Another point that distances it from its North American counterpart is that Peruvian companies choose to make promotions available throughout the week including weekends.The first strategy to implement is to apply remarketing in social networks , which consists of creating personalized ad campaigns for users who previously visit your e-commerce.Days or even 1 week before starting the Cyber ​​campaigns, you can modify the titles and descriptions of your products by placing relevant keywords such as: “Cyber ​​Monday Offer”, “Cyber ​​Day Sale”, “Black Friday 2021″While this cannot guarantee to appear in the first results of Google, you do not lose anything in trying.
According to an online survey conducted by Google, 62% of new Latin American digital buyers plan their purchases several weeks before a discount event.A fact that can represent the perfect opportunity to create shopping experiences without complications by appealing to customers to feel comfortable buying something on your platform. To do this, you can use certain methods that Google provides you.Check if the mobile version of your website works correctly:
There are many people who currently use their cell phones every day. If they find an accessible platform during their search, it is more than certain that they will buy using only their smartphones. Test your portal with “Test my site” .

Organize your products:
To make all the information about your store and products available to your customers, you can try uploading your inventory to Merchant Center to better organize yourselfUse Google AdGoogle Ads has become one of the best alternatives for companies to be able to position themselves in the main search results. Creating a campaign based on this tool will allow you to expand your reach and maximize the conversion value. In the following article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Ads .Both are great ways to get the most out of selling and promoting products on days like Cyber ​​WOW or BlacFriday. Create combos of 3-4 products that are well complemented based on the trends of the campaigns.Also, create a sense of urgency as you sell your products. To do this, you can indicate that a product will only have a discount for a limited time. In this way, customers will act more.ower of Social MediaUse your social media presence to create engaging and personalized social media content that is focused on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Days promotionsDuring the week before these campaigns, schedule periodicals. You can also choose to make videos that will serve to attract more attention on platforms such as Facebook Following the digital strategies for a cyber. We are sure that you will be better prepared to carry out the best marketing strategies on these important days where people will stay hooked on your brand depending on whether the offers they find are attractive. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business!

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