5 strategies to win back inactive customers

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5 strategies to win back inactive customers

Is it possible to recover inactive clients? The answer is a resounding yes. But the most important thing of all is that it will always be cheaper to recover these types of clients than to find new clients.
Many companies do not know that bringing in a new customer can be up to 4 times more expensive than building loyalty or attracting an old customer. On the other hand, an old client can generate between 40% and 60% of purchase amounts, than a new one.
So why not apply some ideas to win back inactive customers?
Here I show you 5 tools to achieve itMASSIVE SMS
recover inactive SMS clients
SMS , courtesy of ShutterStock
Nobody uses texting? It may be that to communicate people use tools such as WhatsApp,  Ghana Phone Number List Messenger, Telegram or others, but the SMS is still alive.

Furthermore, many companies and institutions use mass SMS services in order to reach new clients, generate specific communications or recover inactive clients.
Therefore, if you want to recover customers with text messages, I recommend doing the following:
Create different databases of customer SMS according to your goals. You may want to reach customers who have not bought something for a long time, as well as customers who did not complete a purchase.
Design workflows for these databases, in such a way that you make a series of shipments, while you are filtering the customers who have reactivated again and leaving those who have not reacted yet for the next SMS.
Make the corresponding shipments and do not forget to update your databases, so as not to disturb the clients that you have recovered.
You see it?
Mass sending of sms does not necessarily have to do with trying to attract new people, but it can work very well to recover inactive customers, who already know you and will be more likely to read your message.EMAIL MARKETING
recover inactive email clients
Email Marketing , courtesy of ShutterStock
I have already talked a lot on the blog about email marketing (And its clear difference from SPAM).But why not use this tool to recover clients?

If you think about it, many people receive hundreds of emails a day, but if you really create a good email marketing campaign, you could generate the desired impact.
At this point my advice is the same as the previous one.
Create different databases according to your goals.
Create Workflows for these databases, which you could even automate if people open your emails or not, and even if they click on a link or not.
Debug your database and repeat the process.
Of course, remember to carefully analyze the different options you have since today there are email marketing rates for all tastes.
By the way, I remind you that it is essential that you spend a good time analyzing and thinking about the title of each email that you are going to send to try to attract attention. Why not put a “Mariano, we miss you a lot” in the matter? That might lead to good open rates.
retrieve inactive clients push notifications
Push notifications , courtesy of ShutterStock
Today many brands and companies have mobile applications. Why not take advantage of these to win back customers?

Something that I always tell my clients is that if they are going to create an application, do not forget the issue of push notifications.
Yes, those notifications that come to you when you are given a new life in a game, or when someone tags you in a Facebook photo and this alert appears on your Smartphone.
These notifications are excellent, because apart from reaching the client’s hand, you could also cross them with statistics to see the conversion rates that you are generating. Maybe you remind a customer that you exist and that notification turns into a $ 1,000 sale !!!ETARGETING
retrieve inactive clients retargeting
Retargeting , courtesy of ShutterStock
And if we’re going to keep talking about strategies and tools in this digital age, I couldn’t leave out retargetin Very simple. When a person visits, for example, your website, if it has a tracking system such as the Facebook conversion pixel, you can make that if that person did not buy anything or did not register (or other action), they start to see your advertising on that social network.




Surely you have gone from visiting a website and then starting to see advertising for that brand or products on Facebook.
That is retargetingBut how to apply it to recover clients?
You could do something similar as follows.
On Facebook create a new ad.
When choosing your gulf email list  audience, choose to create a custom audience.
Choose the option to load a database.
Load the data of customers who have already bought, visited or whom you want to reach.
Create your ad.
Done… those clients are going to see your ad !!!
This option, which you probably did not know, is ideal for you to take advantage of all those emails that you compiled for so long and were there stored in an Excel or CRM without any use.
retrieve inactive customers with calls
Call , courtesy of ShutterStock
Well, this strategy to recover clients comes in a combo (2X1) but it works best this way.
The reality is that every company that really cares about its customers should have loyalty strategies such as benefits, prizes, points or others.
But in this sense, we will combine it with something extremely powerful.

A phone call.

The advice therefore is that you previously take the trouble to identify those customers that are really important (or were) for your company and that you develop a loyalty strategy so that they buy from you again (Ideal if they are offers, gifts or unique discounts )
What remains then is simply to call one by one, explain the benefits, motivate them to return and keep them.
he reality is that before looking for how to recover inactive customers, you should think about how not to lose them or not to disconnect from your company, so never forget this important point.But what is true is that it i
s always better to recover an inactive client, than to try to find a new one. So don’t forget to put these strategies into practice.

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