5 trends in social networks that have come to stay in 2021

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5 trends in social networks that have come to stay in 2021

At the beginning of 2020, social networks did not escape the shock caused by the unstoppable expansion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, although the triple reaction  how can i get a uk phone number of platforms, brands and users made the response of the digital social ecosystem faster and more flexible than ever. . At the end of the year and immersed in the so-called “second wave”, the social media universe has reinforced its role as a fundamental pillar for the strategy to attract online audiences . We review the main trends in social networks that have arrived in 2020 and that, without a doubt, will settle and evolve throughout 2021. The 5 trends in social networks that emerged in 2020 and that will mature in 2021The global pandemic of COVID-19 has functioned as a catalyst for trends that were latent in social networks and that have definitely taken off: We are witnessing the definitive rise of audiovisual content and ‘User Generated Content’ (UGC) on networks
This trend arises as a contrast to the physical isolation imposed, since users have struggled to transmit their day-to-day lives on networks . Of course, the advanced technology of social platforms has broken down many of the obstacles to creating quality user-generated content (UGC). Almost suddenly, an average smartphone was enough to create micro-videos as short as they were eye-catching, which triumphed on TikTok and Instagram, favored by their algorithms equipped with artificial intelligence .
Influencer marketing has also seen this new trend. According to the report Into the Mainstream: Influencer Marketing in Society by Takumi , more than half of users who are in the age group between 16 and 34 agree that influencers use their platforms to comment on aspects of the day a day and those related to the news . The final objective is that the content that is shared in networks is fresh, current and that it is not only focused on the sale .

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Live-streaming is already a direct way to connect with the public
Live broadcasts are in  gulf email list  line with the previous trend and brands are already exploring the possibilities of live videos linked to shopping with live-streaming e-commerce . According to the GlobalWebIndex Social Flagship Report , 23% of users plan to continue watching videos and interacting in streaming events after the pandemic . For this reason, both Facebook and Instagram are expanding their directing tools to, for example, add the possibility of introducing direct purchase links or including ads in IGTV videos.
Live broadcasts have grown in importance throughout 2020. Source: GlobalWebIndex
Live broadcasts have grown in importance throughout 2020. Source: GlobalWebIndex
3. Social media platforms reinforce their functionalities for social e-commerce
The advertising investment aimed at social networks suffered turmoil with the arrival of the COVID-19. However, according to the study The Evolution of Social Advertising in 2020 by Smartly.io , brands that decided to go ahead with social ads immediately saw results, since almost half of consumers globally found themselves in an enabling environment to interact with advertising messages . Not surprisingly, 32% are already using the platforms to discover new products and services before making the purchase decision. Source: Social Flagship Report 2020 from GlobalWebIndex
Source: Social Flagship Report 2020 from GlobalWebIndex
However, it is not enough to include the purchase button in social media publications if we look at the data published by GlobalWebIndex. The platforms do not stop innovating so that social commerce takes root in a definitive way among users . Facebook & Instagram Shops was born in this context, as was the YouTube “Products in this video” test .

Conversations are at the center of the social media strategy
With corporate events and face-to-face meetings to a minimum, social networks have positioned themselves at the center of the conversation between brands and their target audience . On the one hand, the instant messaging channels offered by platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp complement the action of chatbots to close sales in e-commerce while, on the other, webinars and online conferences through social networks are leading the leap. digital marketing B2B . . Platforms make up an increasingly fragmented social media landscape
Undoubtedly, in 2020, the variety of social networks has created a complex landscape for brands but, at the same time, highly specialized . Perhaps TikTok is the main protagonist of the year due to the exponential growth in the number of users it has experienced, although there are others like Twitch that stand out in very specific niches such as users who are fans of gaming .
Each platform has a different personality due to the nature of the content that is shared on it, as well as a predominant type of users . Therefore, now brands can find the most effective loudspeaker to connect with the target audience . Can this number of social platforms even be increased? At the rate we are going, surely 2021 will also surprise us.
The landscape of the most used social networks is very fragmented
2020, a year marked by massive activity on social networks
With the arrival of massive confinements and restrictions, advertising investment in social ads was frozen at first and soon after reestablished, as users turned to social networks, thus generating new forms of communication, entertainment and shopping . The habits developed during this period are maintained today, so brands must continue to analyze the behavior of their audiences to adjust their social media

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