5 trends that have marked the evolution of YouTube in 2020

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5 trends that have marked the evolution of YouTube in 2020

One of the immediate consequences of the confinement and restrictions derived from the global pandemic of COVID-19 was the cancellation of all mass events . At first, this situation drove live broadcasts and the trend of live-streaming e-commerce on social networks and YouTube began to emerge . This practice was already popular in China , but it was still seen as a novel formula in Western how to get a uk mobile phone number After the first wave of SARS-CoV-2 infections has passed, the question is: will the popularization of live video constitute a turning point or will it decline with the new normal? According to the latest GlobalWebIndex Flagship Report 2020 , one-fifth of digital video users plan to continue watching even after the harshest confinements have been left behind. It is important to note at this point that the gaming sector is promoting this trend and, in these live connections in particular, it is necessary to mention the prominence that Twitch has as YouTube’s main competitor. Streaming is lengthening the duration of the videos uploaded to YouTube, but it is not the only factor to take into account. According to YouTube’s own data , more than 75% of its users use the platform to learn new things. Therefore, the tutorials that teach a topic in depth are being very relevant and that is why YouTube facilitates the division into chapters of the longest ones . This trend is not new, but the boom in online education has definitively established it in 2020. It certainly has a significant impact when planning the creation of audiovisual content and optimizing SEO on YouTube . On the other hand, micro-videos are also gaining presence on YouTube , although at a slower pace compared to Instagram or Tiktok. The functionality of YouTube Shorts is already in beta and its final implementation will mark the future of YouTube in 2021.

Along with Facebook, YouTube is the social network with the most reach globally . Its particularity is that it reaches all audiences in a transversal way and leads the ranking among the younger generations (Z and Millennials) , who use it more than instant messaging apps . During the last months of the pandemic , more than 8 million Spaniards between 18 and 34 years old watched videos on YouTube, which represents more than 97% of the population in this age group . Even the children’s audience has its platform with adapted content on YouTube Kids . The increase in penetration in 2020 has reinforced this leadership position. The current challenge YouTube faces is trying to retain the progress gained in recent months and also improve the quality of the user experience with metrics that can evaluate it more accurately. YouTube conquers video search results

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YouTube’s imprint is also present on Google’s SERP. According to a study carried out in  gulf email list October by Moz , YouTube videos occupy the featured carousel on Google 94% of the time . Here it should be mentioned that many Facebook and Twitter videos require a login to be able to view them and, therefore, are not available for Google to track them. In any case, the predominance of YouTube at an organic level has grown this year and the presence of videos stands out in how-to searches , so audiovisual content is also an increasingly relevant asset in terms of SEO strategy .

The total integration of digital video and e-commerce, closer and closer
The variety of content defines YouTube and, thanks to the segmentation power of its advertising platform, it allows reaching very diverse users who are at different points in their own buyer’s journey . YouTube has changed the rules of the video marketing game, since with audiences such as Custom Intent or remarketing, campaigns aimed at conversion can be launched with the help of the TrueView for Action format . Throughout 2020, YouTube has had its sights set on how to deepen the role of digital video as a trigger for e-commerce purchases . In relation to this, ” Products in this video ” is the project that YouTube is preparing for 2021.2020, a year of leadership for YouTube
The trends of YouTube in 2020 highlight the takeoff that digital video consumption has experienced, compared to the decrease in audiences that traditional media are suffering . YouTube thus becomes a crucial platform in the strategy of attracting online audiences. If you want us to help you develop it for your brand, we invite you to contact Labelium Play , the new division of the Labelium Group specialized in digital audiovisual environments.

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