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Although it is true that 5G technology has already begun to be established in many cities around the world, it will be throughout the year 2020 when it will have a total expansion. A moment in which users will be able to say goodbye to their Wi-Fi connections to host a connection of higher quality and speed on their mobile terminals.But not everything ends there. And it is that the online marketing sector is also going to benefit froeverything that 5G can bring. For this reason, in the lines that follow, we are going to expose some of the aspects that the agencies will have to take into account soon.
The paradigm shift that the arrival of 5G is going to mean is such that surely, with the passage of time, online german mobile company list will experience other great changes.
The possibility of having a large amount of information in real time will allow many companies to have a much greater analysis capacity than they can now.
An analysis capacity that has a direct consequence that is none other than being able to modify all the parameters of a campaign in real time. That is why now they will not have to wait for a campaign to end to see the results. Now these changes can be carried out at any time of the day.
There is no doubt about that. If a user is now able to consume a much greater amount of information and, above all, faster, it is normal that he demands much more from brands in general and large ones in particular.

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However, faced with this new requirement, companies can also act in record time since they will have information on social networks at all times, user opinions in the form of reviews, what is said about them in the mainstream media or what is discussed in the forums.
CABLES WILL BE A THING OF THE PASTWhile it is true that this is already a trend, it is no less  gulf email list true that with the arrival of 5G this will be a reality. And it is that the cables that we still have at home such as those of the television will simply pass away. An infrastructure that will be much more comfortable and much more efficient in every way.
If we take a look around us, today we can already see how some platforms like YouTube are having an unstoppable rise. Well, with the possibility of serving those videos at a much higher speed, there is no doubt that users will consume this format much more frequently.

This does not mean that the content that is served as a text will disappear. Absolutely. However, it is true that the video will gain ground and the text will have to incorporate a multimedia section to prosper.
If everything to do with digital sports is booming now, what will happen when the connections are much faster and much more capable? Well, precisely that. That this entire sector will be strengthened much more, giving rise to greater competition and a greater source of income.
Income that will not only reach the protagonists of these video games but also all the networks that are behind at the level of advertising. And it is that, in addition to the rise of eSports, it is known that the new connections have made the world of video games in general is experiencing a new golden age.
Some changes that must be taken into account and that will pose a professional challenge for everything that has to do with online marketing. However, as we have already introduced at the beginning of these lines, there will be other changes to which we will have to pay close attention. And it is that, like it or not, 5G has come to stay and to definitively change the paradigm of communications throughout the planet.

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