6 symptoms of an unmotivated employee

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6 symptoms of an unmotivated employee

Do you want to know if you have an unmotivated employee? Perhaps many of your employees are?
Today we will see on the blog some keys to detect if we really have a demotivated employee in the company (or several) and also understand what those symptoms are like.
The issue of job demotivation is something very important in companies because Cameroon Phone Number List one of the greatest resources we have are the workers. If those workers for some reason, either because they are not managing well or not providing the necessary elements, are demotivated, then we already have a big problem.
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Now, let’s get to the interesting thing, let’s discover the 6 symptoms of an unmotivated employee, which is very different from a worker who doesn’t really want to work.

This is one of the easiest symptoms to detect due to its degree of obviousness and is based on the fact that every moment we pass near the worker or see him, he seems to be in a state of temporary suspension, either always looking at the same screen on his monitor, the same document or simply looking at infinity.It is one thing to be thinking or looking for an idea or solution to a problem and therefore to be “branded”, but quite another is that every time we pass by your desk we see you as a zombie that can hardly react.
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Another symptom of job demotivation is noticed when a worker begins to present initiative problems but in activities that may become obvious.
A clear example would be asking him to make a report, and after 5 days when asked about the status of the report, he mentions that he has finished it. Although he finished the document, he did not have the initiative to come and inform us that he already had it ready for review. worker with “job hunger” will always seek to have the initiative to show that he is doing an efficient job and therefore may even appear in the soup, as long as we notice his work.
Many unmotivated workers tend to become invisible or to blend in with their surroundings in order not to be seen. Some even do it in the middle of a meeting and even though we are staring at them.
When a worker is unmotivated, he will avoid at all costs taking charge of a project, carrying out group activities or even leading a team.



They can even see extreme situations where the worker escapes from these situations, either taking a walk, pretending to work on something important or even hiding.
One thing is that a worker for life reasons does not know how to use a work tool such as Word, gulf email list  Excel or Powerpoint, but it is quite another that knowing the qualities for which we hired him, present something that a school child could do better .
From the delivery of a report written on an ordinary sheet, to a project that has no presentation, there are many ways to detect that a worker is underperforming.
Added to the lack of initiative to investigate how to present a better work, it is a clear indication of demotivation.
I am not going to talk about spirituality or metaphysics, but it is clear that many people emanate a negative attitude when they are unmotivated that is noticeable from a distance.
From the postures and gestures, to the looks and way of speaking, an unmotivated employee will present many symptoms of negativity.
Remember that 80% of what we communicate is through our body language. So it is good to detect those people who are emanating those negativity as a clear indication of demotivation.
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Believe it or not, it may seem that you are in front of an optimist, but you can really be a demotivated person if you say yes to everything.
An unmotivated employee will say yes to any task, activity or request that is carried out and even without complaining or expressing himself. And that is where the problem lies. An actively committed worker should consider things, look for alternatives or how to optimize a task.
But since the worker is unmotivated, he simply boils down to saying yes, following the order and going about his day.
In summary, these 6 symptoms (Although there may be many more) are clear indications that we are facing an unmotivated employee. So it will be a matter of getting down to work and analyzing what we are going to do next.
Remember also that many times people go through complicated situations in their life and that only when we see that these symptoms recur over a long period of time, can we really know that a worker is unmotivated. We can all have a bad day or a bad week.

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