6 tips for writing engaging post introductions

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6 tips for writing engaging post introductions

Clear thinking becomes clear writing: one does not exist without the other,” said writer Willian Zinsser. That way, if you have clarity about all the points you need to address in an article or post – and, even better, organized into items – just write the content you have in mind and your text will be a find person by mobile number in uae success, right However, it is not that simple. You can be clear about the content you are going to transmit and, probably, you may have gone through the process of “filling” each item with a very well written paragraph, but the difficulty is generally in how to introduce the subject. Has it already happened to youSo, without knowing how to present your quality content to the visitor of your site or blog, all the work of gathering information and writing the content can be wasted because you simply cannot make it stay on the pageThe mission of this publication is to offer practical tips to help you produce an attractive introduction, with the ability to grab the reader’s attention. So, let’s get started:. Use statistics to get started
A good way to grab the reader’s attention and give them credibility is to start your text with statistics related to the topic. This resource alone, widely used in journalism, ensures a good dose of information to the reader. Make sure that this information is from reliable research and sources.9 out of 10 people check their emails every day. This data shows that … Ask a question
By introducing the article with a question, you provoke the reader to put themselves in the suggested situation. That builds empathy and makes you interested in the reasoning that will come next.
Do you usually check your emails daily? Well, you will know that this is a habit … Use analogies
By starting the text with an analogy, which can be a comparison, a metaphor, or a parable, for example, you get, beyond capturing attention, to be more didactic in your explanation. That resource can be especially important if your content is essentially technical.
Checking emails daily is as common a habit as brushing your teeth for most people …
Tell a story

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Increasingly, the art of knowing how to tell a story well is recognized as an attractive tool for gulf email list  sharing knowledge – it verifies the success of storytelling today among large companies.Starting a text that way makes it even more effective. If the subject allows, talk about a personal experience of yours or tell the story of an acquaintance that allows the reader to visualize the message related to the content you are offering.The year was 1994. The Internet was still crawling when I opened my first email. I, who used to exchange letters often with friends and relatives living in other parts of the country, when I first received a message, which left me deeply moved. Add to that the fact that it was an email from a dear friend who was on an exchange in Australia. Nowadays, receiving emails is so common that ..Play a quote
“The email base is one of the most valuable marketing assets a company can have.” As Ricardo Palma says very well …Using a strong quote is an interesting way to start. The better known the author, the better.
You can, for example, use an interesting point of view from an authority in your field of action. Of course that will bring even more credibility to your material. But remember to name the source and develop your own idea from that statement Write a controversial or controversial phrase
Do you want a lightning-fast way to catch the reader from the start? Start with a controversial phrase. He denies what most people have said on the subject. But, obviously, you have to be able to sustain the theory. If, on the one hand, you can get several fans for the audacity of the claim, you can also receive several criticisms for itThe idea of ​​this post is that the suggestions serve more or less as templates that can be adapted and used in any content, in the same way that we have done when we teach how to write post titles .

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