6 tips to know how to choose a payment gateway in your ecommerce

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6 tips to know how to choose a payment gateway in your ecommerce

A good payment gateway makes transactions through your website simple, fast and secure . How to choose a payment gateway? What factors should you take into account? How do I know which one is the best for my ecommerce?  telemarketing data providers There are many options on the market, each with its own benefits and conditions, the goal is to choose one that meets the needs of your ecommerce.
Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a payment gateway when designing a virtual store .Therefore, when choosing a payment gateway, make sure it has protocols, security certificates and anti-fraud mechanisms. Among the best known are: the SSL security certificate, which guarantees the security of the server; and the Address Verification System (AVS), which verifies the identity of the buyer.
In addition, it verifies that the payment gateway complies with the standards established by the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council). This will give you the assurance that your customers’ transactions will be safe, and will give your users the confidence to continue with their purchases on your website. Evaluate fees and requirements
All payment gateways charge you a percentage of commission per sale and some even charge a commission for withdrawing the money. The percentage can vary depending on the volume of sales of your ecommerce and even the type and frequency of transactions, and it is different in each payment gateway.
In addition, some services may request some requirements such as contracts, certificates, among others. Remember that the higher the percentage of commissions, the total amount you receive for each sale will decrease. Therefore, evaluate and compare the rates offered by the different payment gateways, as well as the sales volume requirements, and make sure it fits the needs of your ecommerce. Ease of integration

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Remember that when gulf email list choosing a payment gateway, you must follow a process to integrate your virtual store, in some cases the processes may require some extra software and in others, a plugin or extension will be enough. Don’t wait to hire the gateway service to discover what its integration process is. Anticipate and find out what the integration process is, and if you will need the service of a web developer to carry it out. The simpler and faster the process of integrating the payment gateway on your website, the more time, money you will save, and you will be able to start your sales sooner.
Diversity of functions
Something that any ecommerce must take into account is that customers always want to have different payment options when making their purchases. Giving your clients the freedom to choose their payment method gives you the possibility to multiply your sales.
So make sure that the payment gateway you choose offers all types of payment, and that it accepts a good variety of credit / debit cards and currencies.

And in case you make sales internationally, verify that you can receive transactions from the countries where you offer your products. Quick and easy payment process
Some studies reveal that 25% of customers abandon their purchase when it requires prior registration or the entry of a lot of personal data. Therefore, how important to offer a secure payment process is to make sure that it is quick and easy for your customers. Otherwise, they will most likely abandon your purchase.
Verify that the payment gateway allows transfers as “guest”, does not require the entry of much data and that the payment process is easy to carry out.
Also, make sure it is mobile-friendly, since today many people make their purchases through their smartphone, and not allowing these types of payments would be a loss for your business. Technical support service Faced with any inconvenience or failure in the payment system, it is best to be able to resort to the technical support of your payment gateway, instead of getting an external person or guiding you from a manual to solve the problem. The most advisable thing is that the payment gateway you choose has an integrated technical support service, either by phone or email. It never hurts to ensure this service for your ecommerce. An official report of the Ecommerce Industry in Peru, pointed out that, until 2020, Peru had 11.8 million online buyers. And according to a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the number of online payments is expected to increase by 20% in Latin American countries in the coming years .
This is a great opportunity for ecommerce!

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