6 Types of Content You Can Publish LinkedIn for Business

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6 Types of Content You Can Publish LinkedIn for Business

The ideal platform to connect with various professionals and / or renowned brands is undoubtedly LinkedIn. Approximately 61% of the readers within this social network are company managers, vice presidents, executive directors or another important position.On the other hand, there are 40  how to get usa phone number  million people who are in decision-making positions. LinkedIn has been ranked as the second most favorable content channel for sharing business-related content, second only to email.It is estimated that the audience of this platform oscillates the 500 million users. In that sense, the vast majority of these people spend between zero and two hours on LinkedIn or around 24 minutes per work day. If we compare it with the 41 minutes per day that an average daily user spends on Facebook. It is known that more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.Using LinkedIn properly doesn’t happen overnight. To start developing a good marketing strategy plan, the first thing you need to do is understand who the target audience you are targeting is, as well as know the types of content that turned out to be useful for your potential customers to click.That is why, below, we will show you the different types of content that you can do within LinkedIn. Read on and take note, because they will be worth it.Since its premiere in 2017, LinkedIn Video has become one of the most used formats on this platform. And is not for less. The social network knows that it must keep up with its competition and get more active users.Thanks to this new tool. Videos from professionals or brands achieve a higher participation rate compared to text publications. Plus, videos are five times more likely to start a conversation .Why should you upload a video to your profile? The idea is that you start to generate credibility within your brand and show your followers that they are facing a serious company with clear objectives. Remember that yes, that before uploading the video, you must add a text of at least 400 words that is attractive enough to attract people’s attention.

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Looking to be the direct competition with Facebook Live. LinkedIn Live arrived in 2019 as an alternative for professionals to improve their relationships with gulf email list communities.To start using it, you must first send a request to the social network. Once you’ve been approved, you can start creating live videos. The broadcasts you make should address relevant topics that seek the participation of those who are watching you.When you start with these broadcasts, you must establish what days you will be doing your live videos. Keep in mind that consistency is the key to effective marketing. It is also important that you use specific hashtags to appear on different LinkedIn profiles.
Finally, as a tip, you could increase your connections within the social network before starting transmissions. People who are part of your community will receive a notification as soon as you start.Blogs are still an interesting tool to spread your business or talk more about what areas you specialize in. By sharing blog posts within your profile, you are inviting people to know much more about you.Another way to leverage your writing is to use LinkedIn Pulse, the publishing platform that helps people write posts directly to their profiles. As a result, your articles will appear in the daily or weekly news, helping to develop better connections with other peopleVisual content is faster to process and tends to be entertaining for users. With infographics, images and any visual element they can better convey a message. As it is easy to see content, you will be able to generate more visits, clicks and conversions.


Sharing photos with your community shows them that there is a human face behind the brand. The photos you upload can be of important events where you have attended or even those that you have created. In the same way, a good impact is achieved by giving prominence to the employees of your company.
Thanks to a 2019 update. On LinkedIn you can upload documents and presentations directly to your feed or group posts.Doing this allows you to develop a professional presence within the platform. These documents should contain information that can impart knowledge to users and be able to start conversations about it. Infographics are usually the most attractive content that manages to quickly capture the attention.To share documents, it can be done from your company page or even from the home page. Among the most used formats are Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. People who follow you will see the first page of this file, the name and the total number of pages on their home page.Conclusions: Why is it so important to know the types of content on LinkedIn?
Both brands and professionals should be clear that LinkedIn works like any social network. Doing things only waiting for people to respond without offering anything in return would be a mistake that does not guarantee good results.

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