7 advertisements from Bolivia and what we can learn from them

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7 advertisements from Bolivia and what we can learn from them

Any creative or marketer who considers himself as such, should generally visit the Ads Of The World page, which is already a benchmark in the world of advertising.Ads Of The World is responsible for collecting different advertisements, whether television, radio, print, etc. to Poland Phone Number List  create a large file available to anyone.
Today I started to browse this great archive and I looked for those Bolivian advertisements that were in print version to try to find those details that we can learn from them.
Let’s see what these Bolivian advertisements have to show us.
7 #Bolivia advertisements and what we can learn from themCLICK TO TWEET
By the way, you may see some Bolivian advertisements that have texts in English, although locally they were in Spanish. This is because when sending the pieces to the Ads Of The World website, it is advisable to do the translation so that they are better analyzed and selected.

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Bolivian national customs advertisements Image: Ads of the World
Client: National Customs Agency : WAWA (La Paz) Creative Director / Copy / Photographer: Pablo Calderón
Art Director: Pablo Calderón , Oscar Gutierrez
The first of our Bolivian  gulf email list advertisements to take into account is that of National Customs entitled “This story is over” where different characters from children’s stories are shown being caught by the Bolivian Customs in a red-handed way.The use of metaphors is an excellent resource, especially when we apply it visually. A metaphor is a rhetorical figure that seeks to show a reality or concept, but using a different reality or concept.
In the case of this piece (In truth there are several), it is sought to make people understand through the metaphor that “this story is over”, alluding to the fact that people will no longer be able to traffic things without being “caught”.


The next of the Bolivian advertisements that caught my attention was that of the Jeep company, where it can be clearly seen that having a lot of space to communicate something does not mean that we have to fill out the entire page.This Jeep piece has a message about the importance of driving without sending SMS and the message at the end of it says: “The next letter could be the last. Don’t write while driving ”
However the design is simple and appeals to few elements. Lots of letters and a direct focus on the character you want to refer to.
In short, it is not necessary to load an advertisement with many elements to try to fill the spaces and make it look good, only 3 elements are used here. The figure of the person, the letter pattern and the message at the bottom of the ad.Continuing with the Bolivian advertisements that I found in Ads Of The World, we have this piece from the company VIVA with its well-known Foundation “You are Alive”.
Many times the advertising is too direct or it seeks to tell the client something that happened or is happening. But why not do like VIVA and communicate something that is going to happen?
This piece was used to announce that the bases for a photography contest on endangered species would be presented soon.
At the same time, the message is simple and minimalist: “Help us keep them, not only in memory” and the rhetorical message of an SD Memory in the shape of an animal.
Remember that advertising is not just to say something that IS, but something that WILL BE and in this way generate a bit of expectation.

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