7 new mobile marketing trends for the coming months.

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7 new mobile marketing trends for the coming months.

Next month will mark a before and after for mobile peru number in Spain. Movistar will lose the exclusivity of the sale of the iPhone and this device will also begin to be marketed by Vodafone and Orange. The price war between these operators is expected to benefit users, who will see the price of access to this Apple smartphone fall.But this phenomenon will not only bring benefits for users but also for companies that have begun to advertise in applications and portals designed to be accessible from mobile phones. As has already happened in other markets such as English or the United States, the overcrowding of the iPhone has led to an exponential increase in Internet connections from mobile phones. “The iPhone has triggered the use of the Internet from mobile phones and thus has generated an exponential growth in mobile marketing,” says Andrés Lozano, General Director of YOC Spain.
But to the liberalization of the iPhone in Spain are added other important factors that will generate an explosion of mobile marketing such as the drop in prices of mobile Internet with the arrival of flat rates at affordable prices for everyone.On the other hand, the arrival of the iPad is generating a revolution in the application market and is already giving way to new mobile advertising formats that had not been seen until now.


“The maturation of the mobile marketing market in Spain is bringing new formats, which have come to stay,” says Andrés Lozano. gulf email list Despite the crisis that has affected the advertising market in recent months, mobile marketing has continued to experience significant growth in advertising investment, content for Smartphones, advertising inventories, application development and new advertising formats.
The seven mobile marketing trends for the coming months
1) New advertising formats : Mobile browsing from smartphones has allowed the development of new advertising formats such as interstitials, reveals and others, which are here to stay.
2) Exponential increase in web traffic : The media with a version accessible from mobile phones will see an exponential increase in visitor traffic) The iPad revolution : The massification of the iPad will produce a revolution in the mobile application market, which will open new opportunities for brands.
4) Measurement : It will be the new frontier that the mobile marketing industry must face to demonstrate the effectiveness of the medium to clients and agencies.
5) New TV consumption habits : We will see the transition of audiovisual information consumption habits, especially for the consumption of news and entertainment, which will go from the TV screen or the PC to the mobile. The mobile phone will combine the emotionality of TV and online measurement.
6) New mobile devices : We will see the arrival of new mobile devices to face the iPhone / Ipad as well as greater competition in the development of mobile applications and web, which will improve the user experience and increase traffic.
7) Investment in mobile marketing : It will continue to rise. Advertisers will go where the audience is and it is increasingly on mobile.

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