7 reasons why Twitter is worth using as a marketing tool

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7 reasons why Twitter is worth using as a marketing tool

Despite the loss of active users, we consider that this social network can be a great option for companies that seek to generate qualified traffic and leads, as well as having the possibility of interacting directly with the audience.witter is a network for people to read and comment. Anyone who works with content production and maintains an up-to-date blog, this is a great channel to share your new posts and materials, thus uae telephone directory search by phone number attracting visitors to the site.Additionally, due to the dynamics of the network, many people use the platform as a means of keeping up to date on matters that interest them. If your audience likes your content, the chances are high that the post will get retweets, thus increasing the reach to other usersTwitter makes it easier for users to interact with companies: people are more open to accepting a tweet, which has a quick reading and is mixed with other tweets, than for example a communication by newsletter , which implies a prior registrationIn the same way, the user is more likely to be able to manage relationships on the network: following or unfollowing a company is only a click away.There are many people who are not willing to pick up the phone and call a company, who prefer not to leave home and those who find it difficult to send an email.Twitter is a simple and non-bureaucratic way to get in touch with the company. Having a profile on the social network, your company offers an additional channel to get in touch.Customers can chat with companies via DM (direct messages) or through mentions, made with an @ followed by the username. In our case
Twitter allows the construction of the relationship between companies and users. It is possible to talk to someone, reply to a tweet, add other users to the conversation, etc.Also, it is possible to establish a greater link, when the messages are sent in direct messages, since their character is private.

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Because the interaction is direct, twitter is an excellent channel to identify and interact with  gulf email list influencers in your segment, who can be references to talk about your brand, product or service on the web.
The platform can be an excellent ally in the brand management or Branding of your company. By allowing communication where the tone of voice of the company and the personality of the brand are perceived to a greater extent, it is humanized. Thus, users see the brand as someone accessible and open to speak and generate opinionsEveryone thinks out loud on Twitter. With a simple search, it is possible to find diverse opinions about your company, products, competitors and the segment in general.In this way, it is possible to find opportunities in the market and see what your audience tweets, knowing their interests and needs and managing to produce more focused content.
With Twitter Analytics it is also possible to obtain deeper statistics, such as number of visits to the profile, impressions of Tweets, number of mentions and new followers.Ads from Twitter Ads allow companies to segment their customers based on interests and behaviors on the social network. Making the ads that can go from gaining followers, clicks on your website or interactions with a specific Tweet, are related to your target audience.
Twitter Cards on the other hand, are extra information loaded on a “card” and are displayed within the same network, without the need for the user to leave Twitter to see the link information.
This is quite a significant point in the use of mobile devices, since the trend of going from one application to another is less than going from one tab to another in a browser.

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