8 TED talks for entrepreneurs that you should not miss (The most viewed)

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8 TED talks for entrepreneurs that you should not miss (The most viewed)

Like every morning, browsing the Internet and visiting the typical sources of Paraguay Phone Number List advertising and other topics that I am passionate about, I found these 8 TED talks for entrepreneurs that I recommend watching them because they will radically change your way of thinking.
The videos of the 8 TED talks for entrepreneurs are embedded directly from the TED.com page so they are in several languages. Remember to put it in your preferred language from the lower right corner of the video viewer. (Spanish is in “Spanish”).
Now, let’s see the 8 TED talks for entrepreneurs
. Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity
This man changed the way we educate our children . Bet on creativity and develop other types of intelligence. It raises in an entertaining and moving way the need to put in place an education system that reinforces creativity instead of ending it. . Amy Cuddy: body language shapes our identity
This social psychologist places a special emphasis on body language . He argues that it influences how others see us, but it can also change the thinking we have about ourselves. It is essential to increase your chances of success.3 . Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action


It stands out for having a simple but powerful model of inspiring leadership . In his examples he collects the cases of Martin Luther King, Apple and the Wright brothers.
. Brené Brown: The Power of  gulf email list Vulnerability
She is concerned about the capacity for empathy, love and belonging that human beings show . In a fun TEDxHouston talk he shared research that helped him get to know himself and humanity better.
. Jill Bolte Taylor: The Mighty Spill of Enlightenment
She tells in the first person a case that happened to her. He dedicated himself to studying the brain after suffering a stroke and observed its behavior. Among other things, he saw speech, consciousness and movement interrupted . Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do

This leadership expert discusses why we do what we do. Discuss the reasons that lead us to act in a certain w . Pranav Mistry: The Exciting Potential of Technology
He talks about the different tools that allow the interaction between the physical world and the world of data , with a special attention to the SixthSense d Dan Pink: The Amazing Science of Motivation
This labor analyst analyzes the problem of motivation . He argues that traditional reward methods are not as effective as most of us think. Talk about brilliant stories that are worth listening to.
I hope you liked these 8 TED talks for entrepreneurs, that you have learned a lot about them and that you can begin to apply that knowledge, when before.

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