80% of Spaniards prefer to buy in establishments that offer loyalty programs

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80% of Spaniards prefer to buy in establishments that offer loyalty programs

Consumer loyalty is an attribute that is hard to win and takes very little time to lose. This maxim is well known by Spanish companies that try to keep their customers as much as possible, therefore, the battle between companies to offer better loyalty programs is constant and decisive.According to the latest global report ‘Consumer Loyalty’ carried out by Nielsen, 80% of Spaniards like to shop at establishments that offer these reward-based programs to their members with purchase incentives; an excellent way in addition to knowing the preferences of your customers.
Many are the establishments how to track phone number in nigeria  or companies that adopt this type of marketing strategies and the consumers themselves are aware of them. In fact, 59% of consumers consulted in Spain assure that the establishments they go to buy have these programs, compared to 41% who affirm that in their establishment of purchase they do not have this type of benefits.
Loyal to the supermarketFurthermore, in Spain loyalty to the supermarket is evident, since 77% are completely or very loyal to their usual store. The same occurs with medicines and carbonated beverages whose brands arouse 70% and 66% loyalty, respectively, among the Internet users consulted. On the other hand, it is surprising to see that in most of the countries around Spain, companies that provide telephone or Internet services and mobile phone manufacturers often take the first places with regard to consumer sentiment of loyalty.


In fact, the average obtained by Nielsen for the European Union as a whole places financial institutions with a higher level of loyalty among European citizens (73%), followed by Internet and cable service providers (71%) or gulf email list hose of mobile telephony (70%). The only value in which Spaniards agree with their European neighbors is supermarket loyalty, which stands at 71%.
It is also noteworthy that in the rest of Europe carbonated beverage brands are at the tail of customer loyalty with 57% of those consulted, while as previously seen, this type of product is the most valued in Spain.Unfaithful to snacks and electronics
In the Spanish market there is a sensitivity to price motivated by the economic crisis that is perceived and affects very different areas. Spaniards have less qualms about changing manufacturers with respect to snack brands (47%), consumer electronics brands (45%), household appliances (43%) or online retailers (43%).The Nielsen report shows how consumer loyalty is not eternal and can be altered by new initiatives from other companies or a simple improvement in the conditions of loyalty programs. Thus, more than half of those questioned would change brand, company or seller in the face of a better price (61%), while 15% would do so driven by better product quality or better service (13%).
According to the director of Brand Studies for Nielsen Europe, Asís González de Castejón, “new technologies are a suitable field for building customer loyalty. There is a whole world of online opportunities that can keep customers and even attract new ones. To achieve this, it is very important to take care of the loyalty programs, responding correctly to the needs of consumers ”.
When it comes to evaluating the different loyalty programs offered by companies in Spain, it is clear how discounts or free products are the great favorites of Internet users with 80%, followed by better customer service (39% ) and free shipping services (33%).
On the other hand, the Nielsen report also analyzes the reasons why a consumer would decide not to adhere to such a program. Again the monetary question reappears, since 57% of those surveyed would not sign up for this type of marketing strategy if it were too expensive. The complications of registering and benefiting from the benefits of a loyalty plan are also an obstacle for 32% of consumers.

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