80% of travelers review more than 6 opinions online before deciding their reservations

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80% of travelers review more than 6 opinions online before deciding their reservations

Online recommendations decisively influence purchasing decisions. A fact that is especially evident in the case of the tourism and hospitality sectors. Before planning their vacations, choosing a hotel for a getaway or choosing a restaurant, users dive into the web in search of opinions, experiences and comments from other clients. A practice that leads 80% of clients to review between 6 and 12 of these recommendations before kenya phone number their final decision. This leads them to actively seek this type of information several times a month. This is stated in the study published by PhoCusWright and TripAdvisor, which also highlights that the relevance of these opinions is directly proportional to their proximity in time. 80% of those surveyed were more interested in the most recent opinions.The existence of these testimonials published in the first person by clients who have already enjoyed the service is so important that more than half of the travelers would not book in a hotel on which they do not find opinions.
The study indicates a growing interest in this type of comment in the last 12 months (62% vs. 57%). Thus, 83% consider that this information helps them choose the ideal hotel, adapted to their interests; organize the perfect trip (80%), learn about activities to do in the chosen destination (68%) and find good restaurants (64%).


In addition, these consumers have developed a special instinct to evaluate the veracity of the comments, which makes them directly ignore both those excessively gulf email list positive ratings, as well as the most destructive criticisms.Another important piece of information that emerges from this work resides in the importance that these clients give to the images of the establishments. In this case, it is not the photos published by the company itself, but the snapshots taken by the clients; those that, in his view, convey the reality of the place. According to the study, 73% of TripAdvisor users base their purchase decisions on images uploaded by other customers.As we can see, online opinions and recommendations have more and more weight when deciding to buy. A reality that does not only apply to the travel and restaurant sector, but its influence extends to other areas, and can determine the proper functioning of the company. A clear example of this is Amazon, whose efforts to satisfy its customers and convey trust have led it to develop a complete system for collecting opinions and ratings from its customers; in which lies the basis of your success.

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